When You Grow Up.

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Today I've got my first Mid-Term exam of WTO (at 6:30 pm). I was studying - rather just reading my notes quickly - when my lil niece came and sat next to me. She is, by default, a very very mischievous and problem-creating kid. So I made her sit with me on the condition that she won't disturb me a teeny bit.

Me: *reading at a real fast speed*
Abeer: *innocently looking at my face and then at my notebook*
Me: *finishes reading*
Abeer: Puppooo, you study at a good fast speed. So when you'll grow up, you'll surely go to college one day.
Me: O yeah? Thanks ;) And where do I study right now?
Abeer: Junie-vasty (universtiy)
Me: After that I'd go (back) to college?
Abeer: Yes! I know you will! Like I will!
Me: Hmm... So who's gonna grow up first then?
Abeer: Me shall! I'm in school now, then I'd go to college, and then to junie-vasty!
Me: Poink!!!! :O

*sigh* You can never win an argument with such kids :D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm having a lot of chocolate lately. I brought a bottle of chocolate spread too, some 3-4 days ago. And it's about to get emptied now :( I eat several spoonful of chocolate a day :(

PPS: Last night I accidentally got Mortein spray in my left eye. And since then I've been rubbing my eye badly. O yeah, I did wash it with cold water. Although it feels okay now, but my eyes look unbalanced in size now :D



hahaha :) how cute. kids are awesome. and chocolate hmmmmmm. hmmmmmm. too much is bad. but i cant say this either. ;)

~Ahmer: You have no idea how heavenly it feels to have a spoonful of chocolate spread/ syrup rather than having a chocolate bar.

errrrrrrrrr Mortein on eye, wat were u thinking? am sure u didnt know where the outlet is facing :P, dinky mind u r :P

and this much chocolate spread isnt good either no matter how heavenly u feel :P( i guess its mids trauma :P)

lol kid is cute MA say, puppoo sounds more like popo :p

k parhoo goodluck

~Acro: I sprayed it the right way. A few silly particles got on my hand. Since I have a habit to rub my eyes often, I did the same last night and got my lil eye affected :( What's my fault in it? [Yeah, I didn't wash my hands after spraying :/]

Oye! Acro sounds more like...err... kaikra :P Howzzat? :P

Oh good luck for your exam! :)

And she's an angel mashaAllah :)

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~Siras: Thankoo :)
Jes jes, she's a pwetty lil angel :)

~Maroof: Hey. Thanks :) Oh, and I don't use XP anymore :) But thanks for the link though :)

actually the warms inside your eye are dead now...
no doubt Mortein does kills all!!


~JIngo bhai: warms??:D And the abnormality lasted for many days :D

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