Laugh as You Like It =D

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The following images have been posted instead of any proper (?) post, because Dinky Mind is on vacations these days :P

Enjoy!!! =D

This last picture was seen on the main notice board of our university :D



I'm sure many of you must have seen these images before too, but Dinky Mind wanted all of you to memorize all these images :P

Hahaha. Enjoy your saza :p

Anonymous says:

Haha... especially @ the last pic... who'd do such a thing like that? :D

And I like the new theme (:

Have good vacations :P :P

hahaha ok i really enjoyed this :p !! by the way you and drama queen have the same theme !!

and enjoy your vacations ;) !!

"Darr mat.... yeh mera style hai"

Hahaha! I especially liked the last one! =D

cut copy paste!!
is sey acha meree puranee posts parh lee huteen!

~Momal: Lol. We've got a lot of "good people" like that in our uni :p
And thanks for liking the layout =)

~Ubaid: Jes jes, me knows it. Genius people have many things in common :P

~Brok3n: No Tenshion :P

~Siras: That's genuine creativity :P

~Jingoist: Ab aap ko kia kahoun mein? :p "Don't Jealous"!!!! :P

jealous of what ??

jealous hu khud!!!

You're jealous of this of my post :P

maaf kardo!!

hu he na jaoon jealous...
wo bhee is post per...
aur soney pey suhaga ...
tumharee post per ..
khush raho ... khush fehmee ka shikar na hu!!

~Jingoist: Aray aray, koi baat nahi. I understand some people take a lil longer to appreciate some things :P

you know wht... you have a disease of day dreaming!!!

Truck one's the best!

~Jingoist: Thankoos. I take it as a compliment :P

~Senilius: I've named that picture "Cute" :D

And I'm naming you crazy. Wait, I think I already did that before. :P

lol, some of the pics r hilarious :)

~Senilius: Nahi, but thanks :P

~JonyBr: Thanks for liking =)

poor ali asif :)

you are quiet right Dinky
I had been witnessing the 1st photo since the last 4yrs of my life as it daily comes on my way when either i was going for uni or coming back from there :D and we all point mates felt so jealous that we are so dumb-headed that we couldn't get addmission in such an extra ordinary uni:D
thanks once again... as all this reminds me its been so long i am away from the living hell popularly knwn as" FREQUENT ATTACKS OF STRESS & TENSION" and missing it terrribly...:-/

lol.. i never thought in a way that i will miss that place one day but its true that i 'm...
Enjoy your vacations gal..

~Asma: Lol. Yeah =D

~Ash: Lol. I wonder if they have any other campus in Pakistan :P Awww, I hope I don't miss my uni that much =( [but i know i will] :(

Anonymous says:


wah wah! if Addu would not have left that link for me to get here, i would be missing do much ;)

way to go girl!

Anonymous says:

I like the first one. It's weird but there's this Wollongong University in Dubai.

~UTP: Thankoos =)

~AD: You've been here earlier also :P And thanks for liking =)

~Sagein...difficult spelling man!: Lol @ the weird name - Wollen-whatever :D
I've seen a school here named, "Wren Martin Grammar School" :D Not even Wren & Martin :D Silly people!!

update :(?

Anonymous says:

lol @ "good people" :P
When are gonna be done with your vacations btw? :D

~Acro: Mood nahi =(

~Momal: Don't know =(

*smack, likho :P, there is no option of Mood here you see :P, 20K audiences(beeeep spelling mistake) are waiting :p

~Acro: Jee planning to write something soon. Dinky Mind is still on vacations, so I can't guarantee when the new post would come =(

BiYA says:

UPDAAAAAATE ..........

Hmmm... Pleash wait =)

wah daant paree tu update :P

~Acro: I was waiting for the daant :P

thankyouverymuch Biya , keep dantofying her :P

~Acro: Buri baaat :P

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