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I was madly badly craving for prawns today. Dinky Mind doesn't care that having prawns in this hot season can end up in really nasty pimples. She's berry silly *sighs* :P So, we had around 3/4 kg of prawns, and around 1 pm I started searching the internet for prawny recipes. I asked 2 of my friends - who were online - to help me find good recipes of deep fried prawns. I found 2 good recipes, and made 3 different types of deep fried prawns =) [Miss Genius aka Dinky Mind came up with her own recipe and miraculously it was a HiT!!] :P One recipe found on the internet (of Prawn Tempura) was a flop because we don't eat Chinese style food. The recipe really had a few spices - rather 2 spices: salt and white pepper! :/ The second internet recipe (of Desi-style Deep Fried Prawns) was a HiT too, because I is a desi and I like spicy food =)

In the picture above, (7) prawns on the right side are the Desi-style Deep Fried Prawns, and the ones on left (9) are Dinky-Mind-style Deep Fried Prawns =D Oh wait, or was it the opposite? :$ *scratches head* Well, who cares, I liked both the types =P

For dinner I made burgers and that special salad that my Daddy dear always liked =) Missed you way too much =(

And this is the cutie-pie small tomato cultivated on our beloved lawn =) After taking pictures, I used it in our favorite salad =) Oh, and did I tell you it tasted yum-yum? Well, it did! =D

Cheerio folks =)



I want to eat yum yum yum but ...............

OMG, looks yummy-licious!

made me hungry *sighh*

Hmmm, the "Dinky Prawns", look awesome! :D Gosh, I want some now. :(

ahan... so u full time enjoying ;) !!

~AliBaba bhai: Awww, koi baat nahi =D Dekh ker pait bharein :D

~Huda: Awww thankoo =)
And welcome to my blog =)

~Ahmer: Thanks for liking the Dinky Prawns. I know me is a good cook :P

~Ubaid: O yeah :P

dono recipe write them here :|, btw did u use frozen prawns?

OMG, you chopped and killed that cute lil tomato? how evil of u :p

Thats a cutie tomato ... mubarkan on such cultivation in ur own backyard garden :)

And care to share the recipe .. now I'm craving for prawny prawny too =(

Today i have watermelon and choley with my IZZE drink and in the evening I just take Salad. When i eat my salad i feel like SOME BAKRA WAKRA MAAAAAAAA

~Acro: Nopes, I used defrosted prawns :P

~JonyBr: O yeah :( I had to :( me is a ruthless cook :P

~Asma: Khair mubarakaan jee :P i can't write it here. Kaafi lambi hay :P Come online and then I'd tell ye :D

~AliBaba: Watermelon and cholay? Ye kia combination hui? :P
And what's this IZZE drink? :$

This reminds me, where's my pizza recipe, haan?

~Siras: Lol. I should start a recipe blog too :P

Watermelon and Cholay with SHAN masala hmme zaberdest combination you don't need to eat any thing else for izze drink check www.izze.com

yeah plz recipe blog :D

Yeah, good idea! And first recipe should be the pizza one! :P =P

Aaaah! Plum tomatoes. I love them too. They have the right amount of sweetness in em :D

maaf kardo Gol Guppiiee!!
kum khaya karo!!

~AliBaba: I should just say, Good luck with your dieting :P

~Asma: If only you agree to contribute :P

~Siras: Oh suree sureeeee =D

~Dhanya: O yeah, and they've got extra amount of cuteness too =D

~Jingoisttt: Saray prawns mein ney nahi khai thay :P I do share food =D [but not desserts] =P

Can you send some over?

u seriously are too lazy to share recipes arnt u? :P

~Senilius: Awight. I'd email you :P

~Acro: Umm, somewhat :P

orrrrrrr possesive :P, atleast u can share the web link :P

Nah...possessive nahi. You know how I made the Dinky-Mind style prawns :D and i made the other recipe using that broast masala :D hahaha

Chumpoo says:

door sey golgappa lagay aur qareeb se Pakoray.

~Chumpoo: Shukar hay dono angles se kuch khanay ki cheez hi lag rahi hay :P

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