Miscommunication =P

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hud hai!!
this is the reason our bosses tell us... continue the same email loops instead of starting new ones so as to avoid any MISCOMMUNICATION!!

~Jingo Bhai: Lol. Yeah. But we've got over-efficient people over here :P

you always call me Jingo bhai .. as if I am older then you!!
don't compare or otherwise I might have to claim you an Aunty of mine! lol

hahah..that was great! =p

The last one was the best. And I agree with it completely. :D

hahahah.... i loved the last one too :D !!

~Jingo behen: Intellectually you are older than me :P Now isn't that a compliment? :P

~Brok3n: Thankoos =)

~Senilius: Lol. Is your boss also not a good guy? :P

~Ubaid: Meeh tooh =)

rasheed says:

Assalam o alaikum,
Behan ji!
wonderful...it fits so much with our department as well that i cant stop myself from laughing out loud...Thumbs up

~rasheed: Walaikum Assalam.
Thanks for liking =)

Chumpoo says:

purana hogya :P

~Chumpoo: Ab chaar chaar baar perhein gey to purana to lagay ga he na :P

I'm the unfortunate employee, the guy at the bottom of the food chain. Miscommunication always kicks my a-dollar-dollar. ;)

LOL! This is the heights!! hahaha!

@Dinky Aunty...

okie I am not gonna complain again!!

~Senilius: Awww. Sunn ker bohat khushi hui :P

~Siras: o yeah =D

~ Mohtaram Jingoist Sahab: Ab theek hay? :P


Sahab kis ko bola??
=D =D

~Mohtaram Jingo: Ab apnay aap ko to keh nahi sakti :P

an awesome depiction of what goes on actually =)

~Asma: O yeah :D

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