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Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 in
Our dearest maid has gone on vacations, again! And now things are going to get tough for me. Why? Because:

  • I've to teach Bushi, and myself too :/
  • Plus, I'm feeling feverish these days :/
  • Plus, our place becomes so dusty after every 10 minutes :/
  • And then, I'm having green tea these days so I need to work extra to reduce myself :P
  • And... that's it :D
So, Ema aka OLPM has to get back in action, whether she likes it or not :D

Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I miss you, our dearest maid ;)



Anonymous says:

I miss you, our dearest maid ;)

SMS her and she will come back :P

Anonymous says:

all prayers goin your way :)

Anonymous says:

~Chumpoo: You might not believe it but she's got 4 phone numbers and a better cell phone than me!!! Yeah, busy woman she is :D

~Americanising desi: Welcome to my blog :) And thanks for praying. That's the most I need till she returns :D

Anonymous says:

good luck girl!
by the way.. if green tea helps u in anyways , do let me know too because i think i might need it too seriously:D

ummm Dinks, isn't the very reason of having Green tea is to reduce :P? and Teaching Bushi is fun(atleast for us :P) so no :/ :@

FOUR PHONE NUMBERS!!!, now thats fishy

Anonymous says:

Oh so u r losing weight by drinking green tea made by her highness .. LOL umemzooo =))

Anonymous says:

What's OLPM?

Anonymous says:

~Ash: Oh yeah, it does help. You feel lighter :)

~Acro: Teaching bushi is so not fun :/ I don't like teaching kids!

~Asma: heheh... I'm liking green tea now :P

Anonymous says:

~Sawj: This is something not to be told :P

errrrr patience and luv that all it needs, words of wisdom ;) I feel like a Baba :P

Best of luck with home chores....
I agree,teaching is no fun such a tough job ...

Anonymous says:

~Acro: Lol. WHy don't you teach him? :D

~Anaa: Thank you :) I can be taught for hours, but I can't teach :(

What's OLPM? :P
Good luck! :D

Anonymous says:

~Siras: OLPM is.... a codename :P

i wud luv too :D

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