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This post is about silly me's silliest dreams. :) There's usually a season when I dream a lot, and sometimes I just don't have any dreams. Lol. Weird, I know.

Usually I see seas or rains in my dreams. And they say it's a good sign. A year or so ago I had a dream that I had ... :D And even today I had a similar dream. Lol. And it is so dead weird and funny, I can't even write about it here :D I've told just 2 of my friends about it. And I so hope they both keep that in their porous tummies, else... :D

May be after a few years when those dreams come true, I post about them. But till then why don't you guys tell me about your weirdest dreams ;)

Cheerio folks =)



I hardly ever have dreams...and if I do, I am usually doing some sort of mathematics! :P

Anonymous says:

~KW: Lol. That is really weird :P

Anonymous says:

Usually I see seas or rains in my dreams. And they say it's a good sign.

Yeah it's the sign of person's religious inclination. MashaAllah!

I have seen both good and weird dreams and most of my dreams usually come true so I kinda get scared of my dreams :-)

- I had already seen at age of 12/13 that we would be shifting home to north nazimabad and even I had figured out that our house will be near Hyderi optics. It came true after 12 years.

- I already saw in a dream about my 2nd Umrah trip. I saw I am few feet above the floor in my old home and performing Sajda while Ka'ba is infront of me and MashaAllah I was literally offering Namaz infrotn of Kaaba after 3/4 months.

- heeh. this one is really weird :P. I have already seen the "rukhsati" scene of my shadi two years ago *blush*. I don't remember the face of the girl as it appeared blured but she had a good height,between 5 4'-5 5'. I guessed it coz I was standing beside her :P. I really laughed when I got up in the morning. Last summer I had believed that it was not "one" of those dreams who would come true but the way got changed, i gotta believe in that k "kuch suchai hay" :P

-another weird dream but it was seen by my university friend about me. He saw me and he are in some historical battle field and he killed me with a sword. He said he was crying(in dream) and when he got up in the morning, he said his eyes were moist and the pillow was soaked as he had believed that I was not in this world anymore.

an interesting post which made to share my weird dreams :-)

Anonymous says:

i hardly see any dreams and (un)fortunately if had seen any... i forgot what i had seen :P

Anonymous says:

Assalam o alaikum!
it has been wonderful to see yours bolg after a long long time. keep it up!

I only get nitemares :P

Anonymous says:

Im soooperwoman kinda person in my dreams ... fighting bad men :P Ninja action stuff ... at times I hunt crocodiles too single-handedly.

May be its Steve Erwin ;)

Anonymous says:

~Adnan: I once saw I was being slaughtered :( Scary, I know. And once I also saw that I was praying inside Kaaba :) Still praying for that dream to come true.

~Ash: awww, sometimes I also forget my dreams :(

~Rsheed: Walaikum Assalam. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting. Keep visiting :)

~Acro: Awww. Too bad

~Asma: Wahhhh :D I salute you for your courage :D

My dreams.. uhh.. I don't think they should be shared. :P

Anonymous says:

~Siras: are they like your poems? :P

Anonymous says:

~Siras: are they like your poems? :P

hmm i see skeletor (he-man wala)...then the usual workplace stuff

and all this in colour, never in black and white :-)

btw me just hopping blogs

I've so many times seen myself "sliding" down stairs as if it's a slide. And performing gymnastics. Each time I see the dream, I see it having the total belief that this time it ain't a dream but a reality. And each time it proves out to be the opposite. :/

Oh, btw, I slide in standing position. Not the kiddio position. :P :D

Anonymous says:


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Anonymous says:

~Aslam: Hey, welcome to my blog :) And I also see colored dreams :D

~Shuaib: Lol. Thanks for clarifying, werna I thought for the kiddo position first :D Give up the idea of shooting, learn gymnastics :P

~Anonymous: Aap ka kia karoun mein? :D

~Shuaib: :D

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