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So today I went to the Shooting Range for my first lesson. And it was hell fun. Actually there wasn't any female over there except Miss S. But she was practising at the 25-mtr Pistol Shooting Range. I had to try Rifle Shooting, though Pistol sounds hell awesome. Anyway, I met the OIC there, and he asked a CPO (Chief Petty Officer) to train me. CPO uncle was very kind. He took me to the 50-mtr Range and briefed me about the position and safety etc. of the rifles. He loaded the magazine with 5 bullets and I shot them. All went out of the target! Haha. And they went "way out" of the target :D My coach is a nice guy. He again loaded the magazine and asked me to try again. This time I tried to position myself properly. I tried again. Again all 5 shots went out of the target. Although it irritated me a lil, but I then figured out the problem.

The problem was with my eyes and vision. When you're firing from your right hand side, your right eye should be open and left eye be closed. By default, I can keep my left eye open and right closed. :/ Anyway, I decided to cover my left eye and try again. But since you need to hold the heavy rifle with both of your hands, I found it hard to focus on the target and to keep my right eye open. Anyway, I tried and shot bullets. Out of 5 shots, 4 hit the target! Yahoo! :D But all 4 were out of the rings. :(

Now that I have figured out the problem, I have decided to wear a band with a paper/ cardboard on it blocking my left eye, so I could focus the target with my right eye. I hope I improve from now on. And I'd borrow the band from Miss S. She's got the same problem too :( Will write more on Monday if I go to the Range (InshaAllah).

Cheerio folks =)

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Anonymous says:

Man, I'm feeling jealous!

CPO (Chief Petty Officer)

Chief Pretty Officer? Is he pretty? :P

Well, atleast you can close an eye. I can't close at all. This is the reason I can't wink either(that's why I am still safe from girls' sandals :P )

this post reminded me my NCC days back in 93-94. I remember all my targets were missed. As there is a song: Kahin pay Nigahain Kahin pay Nishana :-)

*sigh* So lucky :( ...

Waisay.. I have the same problem too :P.. Left eye is open by default :D wonder why, though.

Great that your shots landed the target. Pretty good for a first lesson. Next time, they'll land the ring :) IA

Have fun!

~SAWJ: And I'm feeling happy :P

~Adnan: Lol. Nahi :D But he's very helpful :)
Kahan nigahein thein? :P Target change ho gaya tha kia? :D

~Uni: Oh yeah, once I get my eyes fixed, I hope my shots would hit the target in the right place :D

I'm planning to learn how to shoot as soon as I get back to Pakistan... it's on my things-to-do-before-i-die list...

archery archery archery, i like to believe that I am an Elve from Tolkiens book :P, so u didnt take a fall?? :O? non? zilch? cmon u must have force must have been too strong :P

Ooh, sounds exciting! =D

@Dinky, yaad bhe nahin kahan nigahain theen..15 saal purani baat hay, the place was pretty deserted.

I'm planning to learn how to shoot as soon as I get back to Pakistan... it's on my things-to-do-before-i-die lis

Xeb Ji, jis tarha mey aap ki baat me beqarari mehsos karha houn..aysa lag raha hay k aap ka apni saas ko marnay ka irada hay. :>

~Xeb: Oh, it's hell fun. In the beginning it does seem a lil difficult, but if you're really passionate about it, you'd love it :D

~Acro: Lol. You sound like an imp from Bartimaeus Trilogy :P

~Siras: You have no idea!!!! =D

~Adnan: Awww, phir theek hay :D I understand this age factor of yours :P

An imp :O :O, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

next time take bushi with u and ask him to take ur pics :P or ask Miss S :p

kion meri age ko kia huwa?tum se sirf do chaar saal ka difference hay.

waisa bhe men are ageless. :P

~Acro: Imps are more mischievous than foliots. And hence, they're better than djinns :D

Why do want to see pics? Do you not believe that I do actually go there :D

~Adnan: Lol. Jhoot bolnay ki bhee inteha hoti hay :D Ab mein itni bhee bari nahe :D

:P phir theek hai, ummm no no pics for more realistic thingy, something like the shot above :)

~Acro: Yea, will try someday :D

Adnan Siddiqi says:

jhoot kia bola? what did I write? do char saal.

ghalti se "x" sign dalna bhool gaya between do and chaar. 2 x 4= :D

Adnan Siddiqi says:

mein itni bhee bari nahin

waisay tau tum boht hi Bari ho :P

~Adnan: Lol... Intelligent you! :D

Adnan Siddiqi says:

kahna ki zaroorat nahin. I know :P

~Adnan: I forgot to write: J/k :D

Adnan Siddiqi says:

I know. tum meray husun aur Zahanat dono se hamehsa jalti aye ho.

"... I have decided to wear a band with a paper/ cardboard on it blocking my left eye..."

Pirate Umema! :D

But make sure to hit the bullseye next time. Make us proud!

~Adnan: Mujhey is baat ka baar baar ehsaas dilana zaruri hay kia? :D

~Saadat bhai: Lol :D Will try my best. Please pray ;)

Adnan says:



Asma says:

I'm jealous like HELL.... X-(

I wana shooot too :((

And this girl shooting so looks like you and she' looks damn hawt ;)

~Asma: My sis says I should get a picture in the same pose and I should equally look hawwwt :D Hahaha...
And don't be jealous, once I become purrr-fect in it (and win a few medals ... oh ohhhh), then I'd teach you guys for free :D [just bring your own weapon] :P

errr excuse me I suggested that u take a pic in that pose :@ :@

~Acro: Umm, achaw? :P

Chumpoo says:

just bring your own weapon

May I bring my ghulail?

~chumpoo: for you, even a fork is a big weapon :P


rasheed says:

assalm o alaikum!
Shooting practices are a wonderful experience. the suspense that how many hits u may get...its really awesome. keep enjoying the wonderful feelings.

walaikum asalam my feelings are awesome too

~Acro: Hausla baita :P

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam :) Nae, it's not a suspense. You just have to push this button and the target comes to you and you can check your shots :)

~Acro: Lol. Aap ki kia feeling hein bhai? :D

lol tumnay bicharay kee saree excitements ko baarbad kardiya how evil :P

sorry I am not telling u my feelings woh bhee in public never

~Acro: Me evil? You evilest :D
Aisi bhee kia feelings hein?

all the best! :)

~Jingo bhai: Thankoo :D

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