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I have always been passionate about shooting. The first (and the last time) I ever shot a pistol was almost 10-11 years ago at Fort Qasim. And even before that I've done rifle shooting too at our NORE-1's residence. I've heard my Nana used to go for hunting and it had always seemed an enjoyable sport to me.

Anyway, I went to PN Shooting Range, Karsaz, after my classes. I met the officer there and he briefed me about the basic things and fee structure. He then directed me to the OIC (Office Incharge). After talking to him for 5-10 minutes, we went towards the Shooting Range - the Rifle Shooting area. There I met Miss S., my junior in the university. She gave me the overview and we then watched people shooting at the targets. That was fun. There were Naval officers from UK, China, France, Bangladesh, and Australia. [These people are actually visiting Pakistan on Exercise Aman (Peace) and also took part in Shooting Competition]. When Miss S.'s turn came, we were called for refreshments. Although I wanted to go home as my tour was almost over, but the OIC insisted that we all should go for refreshments. There was actually the prize-giving ceremony being held in the Pistol Shooting area, and later there were refreshments to be served.

The ceremony was fun too. The French XO (Executive Officer) won the most 4 medals and the winning trophy. He later came to us and the Chief Guest introduced us all. The CG said that this French guy doesn't like to talk in English, but he came to give the bouquet to us (of course, any one girl would have taken it away). He presented the bouquet and a girl from our group accepted it. I talked to that guy in french and he and the CG were so delighted, the bouquet was taken from that girl and was given to me :D

So this was the end of my day at Shooting Range :) From March 24, new session would be started, and I'd InshAllah be joining from then :)

Prayers needed. [Pray that someday I own a pistol or a rifle of my own] ;)

Cheerio folks =)



SssssSSSsssspicy!!! :P

I am so in love with guns too. Though have rarely touched something other than an air gun :(

If anyone from RWP/ISB area comments here and knows of a good shooting club for civil people, doooo let me know puhleaase!

~Shuaib: Lol @ the way you said Sssspicy :D
My dream of shooting is coming true. Ahhh, Alhamdolillah :) I just can't wait till 24th. :(
You back in Pakistan or still at CERN? Oh man, I so love that place!!!!

Kreyszig_ says:

Shuaib: Yes. The Gun Club, Islamabd. I almost passed out when they told me about the membership fee few years back. So brace yourself before you go there. :D

OMG .. umemooo im a gun lover too =)

Im so eagerly waiting for the day when u'll show us pics of shooting range ... its permissible naa??

Aaal the best !!!

My girl!

~Kreyszig: Yeah, they charge a hell like fee. But since I belong to Naval background Alhamdolillah, I have to pay a veeeeerrrrryyyyyy nominal amount :)

~Asma: O yeah, I think it's permissible. I so love that place. Ahhhhhh :D I can hardly wait :(

kiya eraday bhi ap kay ?? m scared yaar

~YouTee: Don't be. I've already got too many targets in my mind. :P Your number would come after a loooong time :D

Isn't it EXO instead of XO?

@Asma and DM: You guys like guns? That's a guy thing!

~Senilius: Nopes. Like CO (Commanding Officer), it's XO :)
When guys like you can like long hair, why can't girls like us like guns? :P

Me back in Pak. Missing CERN though. :( (Sniff sniff)

Phir hamaray college mein EXO kyun likha hota tha?

And no comments on the second sentence! ;)

~Shuaib: When did you return? :O And didn't they offer you a job or something? Bad people :P

~Senilius: That must have been a parallax error :D

I still have to finish my degree. :/ Kidco!


Is it allowed for all? Can you give some details of the fees ?? **glumly** ?

That's sooooooooooo coool ... Enjoy yourself...

**even more enviously**

Chumpoo says:

Uni and Dinky, pahlau Ghulail chalana tu seekhlo :-)

~Shuaib: Aww, hard luck :P

~Uni: I'd e-mail you. If I write them here, everybody would faint! :P

~Chumpoo: My mommy says, "You can't even throw a ball straight and you're going for shooting. Allah khair karay". Apna apna shauq hay bus! :D

Chumpoo says:

you may join lollywood. shooters like you will be highly appreciated :-)

~Chumpoo: Mazak nahi uraatay :P You need to have courage to join lollywood :D People like me will keep on fainting after every 5 minutes if they see Meera Jee and Shaan :D

Meera Ji? See you already have started your preparation to talk in typical paindu style :D.. Hain Ji!! haan Ji!!

Lollywood is quite an interesting place. The hub of geniuses like Syed Noor. The action scenes of Lollywood movies are results of untiring efforts of several technicians. After all it's not easy to produce the sound of "Kaminay" on hitting the punch on the face "of bad boys" :-)

~Chumpoo: I respect people :P Whenever I used to feel gloomy or down, I would turn on Filmazia, and it would always cheer me up :D

Chumpoo says:

u actually WATCH that channel?

I said I watch it whenever I'm gloomy or feeling low. And that happens rarely, Alhamdolillah :P

Chumpoo says:

but why that channel? cartoon network nahi ata tumhara ghar?

Would you like to watch "Courage, the Cowardly Dog" or "Cow in the City" or "Ed, Edd n Eddy"? *sigh* Ab to achay cartoons aatay he nahi :/

But I loved that chicken dance. Heck, what was the name of it? *clenches fists* Why can't I recall?

But I loved that chicken dance. Heck, what was the name of it? *clenches fists* Why can't I recall?

Chumpoo says:

meyne tu nam he pahli baar sunay hain. I am a Pink Panther Fan :D

do they have archery too??

~Chumpoo: Uff, purana zamana :P

~Acro: Nahiii :( Long time ago they used to teach that in NORE-1. At that time I was 8 years old. Wish I had tried it then :(

yea back then u wudnt have been able to hit it past 2 ft :P

Archery shud be fun :(, they shud start it

~Acro: So true :D

Chumpoo says:

Uff, purana zamana :P

naya zamana aya apnay saath GOGO laya.

~Chumpoo: Lol. :D

Samz says:

Fragile + Pistol = power??

~Samz: I'm weird! :P

Two Things which i really want to learn are shooting and horse riding...
i hope it would be fun....

~Anaa: Let me finish up learning shooting, then I'd surely go for horse riding too :P

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