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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, March 14, 2009 in
You should never cry over spilt milk.
Unless, of course, you are stranded on a deserted island and a magical genie shows up and offers you a lifetime of pleasure, fame, and fortune in exchange for your last glass of milk and you leap with glee and nearly spill your milk, then after you sigh in relief that it hasn't spilled, you step on a clam shell and drop the glass, causing the genie to disappear and leaving you to live out your days on a diet of coconuts and dead seagulls.




:D:D:D:D:D That was hilarious :D:D:D

Maybe add a free Disneyland ticket to the fame, fortune and pleasure

:D THEN it is a surely crying jag over the poor spilt milk.

Ms.Dinky Siddiqi,

Thanks for your kind advice. I will always keep your golden words in mind. Infact I have written on walls of my kitchen and room so that I don't forget. Would you like to share your thoughts about "Asmaan se gira Khajoor mey Atka"? Your precious advice will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Chumpoo Khan

Damn, you think too much! :P

~Uni: Oh yeah. You can add anything you like :P

~Chumpoo: *scratches head* Please don't ask such twisted questions from me. I have to put extra stress on my Dinky Mind, and you can imagine how hard things get then :P

~Senilius: That was just nothing! :P

LOL!! :D

Allah raham karay tumhari dhamaghi haalat par ...!

Asma its called dimaghi damage :P

~Siras: :D

~Asma: Lol. KOi baat nae :D

~Acro: Hahaha. I is farigh :P

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