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I have always been very particular when it comes to brushing teeth, or personal hygiene, on a whole. Recently I have started using Colgate Max fresh (with cooling crystals) instead of Medicam. And from the past two days I've been brushing my teeth like a desperado :D I once heard on TV that we must brush our teeth for at least 5 minutes. Earlier (with Medicam) I used to brush for some 70-90 seconds on average. And with Colgate, I brush for even more than 5 minutes :P And fortunately, my teeth don't even bleed now :) Yay! And then I check my shiny teeth for the next 10 minutes :D And then I put my poor tooth brush and favorite toothpaste back in their places. Just today I noticed my toothbrush closely. The bristles have bent sideways, and it gives such innocent looks to me :$ Awww :(

My mouth feels fresh now. Brushing teeth had never felt that good. Thank you Colgate :)



Chumpoo says:

Colgate kion Jab Surf Excel hay? may to mahinay may ek baar surf daanton par lagata houn aur phir bartan manjhnay walay JOONAY say ragarh kar dholayta houn. Ek mahinay ki chutti. Daant kia Tabiat tak fresh hojati hay.

azmakar dekhna. Ek bar azmain.InshaAllah bar bar Farmaish

wow! you know what DM? I have exactly the same feeling man! I normally use Macleans simply coz that's the one that my gharwalas buy.. but I tried Colgate Max fresh and I really felt great! it tastes sooo much better and 'fresh' (you know what i mean right ;) than the rest of the toothpastes! hehe.. colgate fresh - but don't overdo it ! or the aspirations of having teeth, let alone fresh would be far from being there! :P

~Chumpoo: Lol. I'm happy with my Colgate :) And your idea sounds too harsh :(

~Kamran: Since childhood I've liked toothpastes with good taste :P And I really love the flavor and freshness of Max fresh! :D
Lol @ your warning :D Will try to brush twice a day now instead of 5 times :P

Colgate publicity :P?

~Acro: Trying to :D

hey it seems that Colgate start student help for publicity :P

well i agree with DM and KAMI ... I used Colgate from years ...

~YouTee: I really didn't mean to publicize it intentionally. It's just I like it berry much :)

Err...I'm not too regular in brushing my teeth. Bad habit I know. :D

I'll try Colgate Max Fresh now. Maybe the taste will encourage me.

Senilius: Ewww... dirty you!!! :P Do try the toothpaste and I'd recommend you use a mouth freshener too *clips nose* :P

Ewww? Ab itna bhi bura nahin hai. :P

I hate it when my mouth smells so that's basically one of the reasons I brush my teeth. :D

Double Ewww! So how often (or how rarely) do you brush your teeth? *wears a surgical mask now*

Classified information! ;)

Asma says:

definitely an ad. How much they paid our umemoo :P

Anonymous says:

hehe: )
I used to brush my teeth by closeup's fresh gel long time ago..whilst brushing my teeth I used to crew few of those crystals..itna mazaa aa'ta tha:P
those were good ol' days when I tried every tooth paste that tasted good:P
now I'm hooked on to Sensodyne from quite some time & trust me it doesn't tastes that good:(

~Senilius: Oh.My.God! :P

~Asma: A hefty amount :p

~An Illusion: Crew or chew? :P I so dislike these medicated toothpastes like Medicam, Macleans and Synsodyne type.

Kreyszig_ says:

Close Up... for my rotten teeth. Can you believe I'm just 18 and I lost almost my entire teeth? Thanks to the chocolate. :P

Anonymous says:

chew chew:P
believe you me Sensodyne is much better than Mcleans or Medicam but still I miss those crystal cool fresh gel toothpastes:(

~Kreyszig: Hawww...How saddening! Next time keep chocolates and toothpaste together :P And try using Close Down - it might help :P

~An Illusion: Never used it. I also like AquaFresh 4. And I'm sure Macleans and Medicam belong to the same not-so-tasty-toothpastes family :D

Asma says:

anyone tried dentonic's max gel ... i like that too :D

bE pakistani tay buy pakistani!!

please don't take it serious DM ... just pusing up

A few years back I did hear about Dentonic toothpaste. Never knew that have max gel in that range too. Goooood :D

~YouTee: No worries YouTee :D

Ooooh! I love the Colgate Max Fresh too! :D

Yayyyyy *hugs* :D

ok its ultrawhitening gel :P

soyay huay naam kon parhta hay bhala :P

~Asma: Lol. I remember I once heard it too :D

Hey, I tried it. Dunhill Lights taste awesome after it. Now I'm going to brush my teeth ten times a day! :D

~Senilius: You smoke Lights? You really are a larki :P

Actually I have a pack of Dunhill My Mixture No. 16 and another of No. 85 sitting on top of my book-shelf. ;)

And Dunhill Lights are not for girls. Those are Menthol Lights.

~Senilius: What's the difference between Dunhill Lights and Menthol Lights? [And Menthol lights sound so uninteresting] :D

Dunhill Lights are the lighter version of Dunhill. Dunhill Menthol Lights have a minty taste.

Chumpoo says:

Dinky, It's Dunhill Lights means it's smoked by girls?

yehi tu wohi baat hogaye key meetha paan == ladies paan :P

*me pickarofies on Dinky's room wall*

Thanks Chumpoo.

~Senilius: So why do you smoke lights? You're afraid of getting choked or what? :P And minty ciggs must taste awful, right?

~Chumpoo: Lol... Haan, aisa he to hota hay :D

DL taste good. And they keep my head straight, I don't go too tuuunnnn. Menthol Lights taste good too.

~Senilius: Smoking kerna zaruri hay? :P Eat softmints instead of Menthol lights.

Waisay will try menthol lights some day :P *hides window before mum sees it* :D

Nope, not zaroori but I like it. :P

Don't try it. Ek baar aadat lag gayi to pachtao gi.

And I don't smoke Menthol Lights. I go for better stuff. :P

Chumpoo says:

Dinky,almost every school friend was a smoker. They wantd me to become a smoker too but they could not convince me. I think I have learnt in childhood that girls don't like smokers and they took time to figure it out till then it was very late :P

I, on the other hand, smoke because I don't want girls near me. :P

But I'm not gay either. ;)

~Senilius: Of course, Sawj, I know it ain't a good thing :D
Why, menthol lights are for kids? :P

~Chumpoo: When I used to go for my O-Levels tuition, there was not a single guy who would not smoke. And I knew a few girls too who would lock themselves up in bathrooms and smoke. Lol. Silly people!

Menthol Lights are said to be for girls.

~Senilius: Just decide what you are :P Why can't they have chocolate-flavored cigarettes? :(

lol there is :P

There are choc-sigs, also called chick-sigs. :P There are cigars too.

But not from Dunhill.

~Acro: WOW :D

~Senilius: Hahaha. Buri baaaaaat :P If I ever get a mental disorder, I'd try to go for pipe smoking. I wanna look extra weird :D

Sure, remember to invite me!

hahaha... Only if you agree to smoke pipe too - the weird way, of course :P

Of course, of course!


And this marks the 50th comment! :D

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