Blended brains

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Bushi: What's the past tense of Blend?
Me: I think it's the same - Blend!
Bushi: Not blended?
Me: That's usually used as an adjective, like a "blended coffee"
Bushi: And what's the future tense of blend?
Me: Same. Blend!
Bushi: Huh? Example please.
Me: It's like: I blend something yesterday, and I blend something today, and I will blend something tomorrow as well. [Yeah, yeah, I know it's an ultra lame example, but I had to make him understand somehow]
Bushi: Oh! Your vocabulary is so limited!!!!!




Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

lol @ ur example

Anonymous says:

Akhir tum ne bhe kardi na Chumpoo'on wali baat :D

Anonymous says:

~YWB: :)

~KW: Thanks :P

~Chumpoo: Mein ney??? :O Kaisay? :$

Anonymous says:

Sab batadoun?

Anonymous says:

Baccha intelligent hay =p

tsk tsk bachay kee vocab tum say strong hai afsooos :(( :Pp

Anonymous says:

~Chumpoo: Nahi, sirf chumpo'oun wali baat :)

~Asma: Haan jee :D

~Acro: I can sense your happiness. Evil Acro!!!

oh yea I am totally enjoying this :P

Anonymous says:

Intiha-e-meanness hay ye!

cmon its called public welfare service :P

Anonymous says:

O yeah? From which angle? :p

Bushi: Oh! Your vocabulary is so limited!!!!!

LOL! Good observation skills! :p

Anonymous says:

~Siras: Yeah. Intelligent bacha, and his silly sister :P

from publics angle :P?

Anonymous says:

~Acro: I still don't understand. Probably my mental level has raised by 0.07% :P

Anonymous says:


ummmmmmmm raised? I have my doubts :P

Anonymous says:

~Ash: :)

~Acro: I zont care! :D

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