Sunday: A Hectic day

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 01, 2003 in
ufff...just dont ask how i spent my day...It was so, O my God, exhauting....people coming to visit you and you are going to attend lunches and dinners on sundays...
In the afternoon, some family friends came to our place..It was very nice talking with all of 'em..Then, at about 8 pm, we went to our nani (maternal grand mother's) place. Over there, we enjoyed a lot. And then I went into her room, and picked up a book by the name of "A Study Of Bible". I opened it and started reading it. I read only a few pages when my parents asked me to get into the car, cuz it was late (something around 11:30 or...I don't remember exactly). So, now I'm planning to read it more whenever I get a chance of visiting her again. O yeah, today I wanted my ears to be pierced, but then I totally forgot about it. And now, Im simply scolding myself, because I really really really wanted my ears to be pierced. But you know, Every thing Has Got A Place In Time so now, it's all right.
O MY GOD! mujhay to yaad hee nahin raha, tomorrow Ive to go to college also....ufff...nahiiinnnn...It's 1:53 right now, when will I change? When will I sleep? and when will I wake up??? This is soooo bad. Im still glued to the chair. I really need to get up and sleep.
will tell you stories about tomorrow
till then


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