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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 22, 2003 in
O people, just don't ask how I am here today. Soooo many marriages I have attended and soooooo many are still left! Daily I have to stand infront of my cupboard for 20 minutes to search for a good dress.
For thos people who have seen me, they'll find a great (or say, a big, a very fat) change in me after a week. Because these days I am filling my belly with all those (way too) heavy dinners. Last night, I attended a mehendi and a shaadi. And we returned home at, something like 3 am. Ufffff....and today in the morning, I was in NO mood of going to college. I was dead tired. So, today when I returned home (after college), I just changed my dress, drew the curtains, closed my bedroom door, and threw myself in my always-tempting bed. And at around 7, I woke up with half-closed eyes, walked lazily towards the lounge, bumped in the sofa and closed my eyes again. But at once, I opened my eyes in pure amazement, as if an electric current has passed through my body. I remembered that I had to go to a mehndi; a very important one! OMG! don't ask. I simply rushed towards my momma's room and started screaming "what i'm going to wear? tell me. What Im going to wear?" We had to go early today, at something like 7:30. I freaked out as I looked at my watch. Then I just took out a dress (it took 10 mins to choose) and quickly dressed up and went to attend that mehndi. Waisay maza bohat aata hay. Aur aaj to tabla love tabla beat! The wonderful sound producedwhen the fast moving fingers strike the tabla...ahaaaa ah ha ha hah...aaaaahhhh....
Ummm...numm...yummm...mmmm...Did I say yummm?!? O my God, I'm feeling hungry! Agar isi speed say khaati rahi to aik din bohat baray dhamakay kay saath burst ho jaoon gee. God, help me.
Aaj main nay, meiray khayal main, aap sab logoan ka bohat sar kha lia hay, isi liay shayad mera apna sar bohat buray tareeqay say bajj raha hay.
Ijazat chahoun gee
Allah Hafiz.

oops, forgot to write the quote of the day.
"A woman is like a teabag__ only in hot water do you realize how strong she is." Nancy Reagan.


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