Nice Way To Keep Students Awake.

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We had our Operations Management class from 12:00 to 1:30 pm. That's peak time when all of us (the students), frustrated by the debilitating heat, feel very low and highly demotivated to study. Our teacher, who's an ex CEO of Philips, teaches us in (kind of) a monotonous tone, or else it seems to us. And to avoid his boring lectures, our shararti classmates often move the class clock's needles forward! =D Once they moved the time around 25 minutes ahead. And we did manage to get an early off that day =D We all happily hopped out of the class, leaving the poor proffy to match his own watch with the class's clock time =D

Today, we didn't even touch the clock. You know it seemed to us a stale idea. And honestly speaking, none of us had the energy to think of a new and improved one. Plus, we had to submit an ass-ignment today and nobody had done it, so the fear of hearing an acerbic lecture and the threat of solving an unwanted quiz discouraged us to even go near the darn clock. We were hoping to get our exam papers back. But we weren't lucky enough and we had to study and complete the darn-ish chapter :/

When around 1 pm, 90% of the class dozed off and 10% had actually started snoring, our CEO proffy asked us to take out a piece of paper. "QUIZZZZZZ????" was the first thought that striked our sleepy minds and made us more indisposed and lugubrious. Nobody was in the "mood" of a quiz. After looking at our distorted faces, he said, "It's kind of a game". He then asked us to open our books, jump to the blukh-blah case study, form groups of 2, nominate ourselves as Manager and make our other friend as our Assistant and....

Yeah, can you guess what he asked us to do? He said, "I want you all to write your names on the paper and count all the E's in the case study and write that number on the sheet, and submit it to me!!!!!" With the speed of light, every team joined their heads in finding out the E's in the case, beacuse he tricked us by saying, "Whoever is going to submit me their answer first will get 2 marks". The kind of 'duffer' class we have, everybody wanted to grab those 2 numbers. It was fun - people started counting loudly, some were striking out E's so their count was the perfect, and the others were admonishing those few who were counting loudly. =D It was a mess and a whole lot of fun too =D

After the proffy made sure all of us were completely awake and all charged up, he then calmly burdened us with another very berry long ass-ignment =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: I scored 20/20 in QMDM, Alhamdolillah =D Yayyy =D



You know that's what exactly happens in our Calculus lecture. 2 hours long. My prof.'s voice is soo .. aahhh, makes me wanna go to sleep.
The other day, she put a funny video on YouTube because she knew half the class was sleeping. :/ and it's from 5 - 7 pm, so you can IMAGINE :P

It's like throwing a handful of pennies in crowd and watch people wrestling for them.

I like his way of handling morons.

Hahaha, smart professor you have there! :)

Have you seen the FedEx ad for MBAs? :P

My Programming prof has a very hypnotic voice. Half way through the class, everyone doses off.
I do too.

But not for long.

It's just funny watching him muse away in his own little world when the whole world around him sleeps. I on the otherhand cant control my laughter.


@ SAWJ: Haww. HAHA. xD

Anonymous says:

He sounds like a fun guy! You should thank the Lord you didn't get a tweedy boring ranty type!

Oooh, and ace @ 20/20, kiya baat hey ;-)

~Huda: 5-7???? I once used to have a class from 6-9 :/ I had to sacrifice my afternoon naps in those times. *sigh* =(

~Vaqas: Lol. I know, we won't grow up :P

~Siras: He's old =( :P

~Sawj: Hahaha... Yep =D

~Qurrat: Lol @ "It's just funny watching him muse away in his own little world when the whole world around him sleeps. I on the otherhand cant control my laughter." Our proffies get jealous of sleepy us :P

~Misspecs: He acted like a fun guy only yesterday. He isn't that good actually :P


~Ali: Quantitative Methods for Decision Making. Simply put, statistics =)

ty :)

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