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That's true in our university, and probably in all other universities. I, who goes to university for hardly 2-3 hours daily, miss out 99.9% of those "cool scenes" everyday. Saddening, I know, but thanks to my friends who narrate 100% (plus 50% of mirch-masala) of the story to me. :P

In all these 4 years of my university life, I've never seen anything much weird. People walk while holding hands, or I've even seen them sitting in very close to each other. The architecture of our university is such that one does not find any corners where they can seclude themselves. But have you ever heard this saying, "A man who wants to do something will find a way, a man who does not will find an excuse" :P So you see, there are many "willing" people in our university. They do find hidden spots, or, well many of them like doing the PDA (public display of affection) in the main Foyer (come on guys) or on the entrance stairs (like come onnnnnn)!!

Yesterday, my desire to see the "weirder" couples got fulfilled. No no no, you dirty minds shouldn't think anything bad. The maahol isn't that bad over here (or probably I'm just ignorant of it). Well, coming back to the point. Our class' backdoor opens in a lil gallery (which faces the entrance lawns), and a sophomore couple was sitting there at the corner seats (which are right next to our class door). Each door in our university has a 4"x10" glass slit. Ossy has a habit to see through that slit whenever he's wandering around in the class. I don't have that habit cuz I don't have that tall height :P Anyway, he was peering through the lil slit and called Nav when he saw the funny scenes out in the gallery. Rimel and I were standing near the door and we went over too to see what was so cool about the people sitting outside. :P (I grabbed a chair and stood on it). And what we saw cracked us up so bad! Hahahaha. They were initially holding hands, then they started caressing each other's faces (ewwww) and then the girl started cleaning the guy's ear! Hahaha... That was so gross, we all got an intense laughing fit and I hardly maintained my balance on the chair :D After a few moments, we started to see again. The guy's face used to come near her's and would go back without doing anything as the girl would push him forwards! Lol. This happened thrice and then I think both of them got to know that somebody's watching them (AND laughing at them too) :P But they didn't move. They stayed there and held each other's hands. Uff, people are so brave!!!! :D

I stay till 1:30 or 2:30 pm at the univeristy, they say I'd get to see more of such juicy events. :D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm off to university. Class in half an hour. Got a quiz :/ Prayers needed.



:| :|, this is almost a masala post. Must visit ur uni soon :P.

So now ur job is to get more juicy details and post here shabash ;), quiz wuiz choro waisay hee ur GPA is too good for such quizes( mashAllah say) and since u love photography( or shud I say self portraits :P) so be a paparazzi :P.

PS: this never happened in our university :( and I would blame bad gender ratio

اس کو پڑھ کر دل کر رہا ہے کہ اپنی یونیورسٹی کو بے تکان کوسنے دوں۔ کیا چلا جاتا اگر ہمیں بھی تھوڑا اپنے ٹیلنٹ کو پالش کرنے کا موقع دے دیتی تو

BiYA says:

"in amresh puri's voice" Larki tumhara "calij' jana bund!!!!!

Astaghfirullah kaisi kaisi harkatein hoti hain.....larkiyun kay to deedon ka pani hii marr gia hai....aur larkay to madar pidar azaaaaad phir rahay hain.....tauba tauba....
tauba hai tauba hai tauba hai tauba hai....oho yeh gana kaun garaha hai?!?!?!?

tauba tumharay yeh isharay......offoooo key board bhi yehi kuch type ker raha hai.....

aray kia karen aaj kal sab jaga aisii hi hawa chal rahi hai.....

Allah reham karay sab per.

lol lol :D

Hahaha! Ewwww @ cleaning ears.... did she have a cotton bud while doing it or did she do it with her dupatta or something ? :P :P

~Acro: The students of our university are so daring, they wouldn't mind even if I start taking their pictures openly :D

~Duffer: Koi masla nahi. Zindagi mein aur bohat saray aisay mauqay aien gey :P

~BiYA: Lol @ Kaalij :P Hahah, you have no clue. Sab bohat advanced ho gaya hay :P so we get more chances to laugh at people :P and that means extra fun! :P

~Dhanya: Jee nahi, she was doing it with her hand (or nails) ewwww....EWWWWW

wouldn't it be better if they did make some slightly secluded spots for such people.. it'd save others the embarrassment..

but then again, if they can hold and caress so openly, God only knows what slight seclusion would do..
aah, desperados!

Ewwww @ cleaning his ear!
And LOL! Yaar I know, in a-levels where we had guards at every entrance three too people would find ways. :P

maaf kardo!!
you are not dinky mind...
you are dirty one =D

Pyar bharey do BEY-SHARAMeelay naaainnn!!

4"x10" glass slit
Finally I know your height :D

the story was spicy but nothing new. I personally hate PDAs. Though I am one of those who never got a "chance" for having a girl friend at UNI. THanks to my friends who kept me out of this thing. They were example of "Na khud khain na dosro ko khanay dain" :D

Likh lo!! chand saal baad wohi larka us larki ke bachay ko goad me bitha kar uska Kaan Saaf karha hoga :D-Mamoo aur kis kaam atay hain? :>

on a serious note, I am surprised that guys and girls don't feel any shame of doing all this infront of others. Beghairity at its best. Such girls then try to act like "Satti Savitri" infront of their poor hubbies.

@Siras: so are you regretting? :D

Tasweer le leteen... :(

~Dysfunctional: Ohooo, they just don't care about anything. Seriously they ARE desperados! :D

~Siras: A-Levels students are "kids" (used to be), but when you get into universities, it seems like you get a license to indulge in such idiotic things. Damn! Silly people! :D

~Jingo bhai: Mein ne kuch nahi kia! Mauqa milay to kon nahi dekhay ga? :P
Lol @ your song :P

~Chumpoo: I did not mention at what height the glass slit is fixed :P
"Na khud khaein..." Ab tak afsos hay? :P

~Senilius: We did try to make a video :P but itni achi bani nahi :P

i've heard Isloo's Bahria is quite valentino too in mood ;)

Next time take a cam :)

~Asma: Oh sure :P

@ Chumpoo: Regretting what? *confused*

Chumpoo says:

bahria or behari-a(university for beharis) :D

Siras you said:

And LOL! Yaar I know, in a-levels where we had guards at every entrance three too people would find ways. :
ai samaj

~Chumpoo: koi nahi! :P

Umm.. but why would I regret people finding ways to make out! It's their life! *still confused*

Geeez, I feel like I wasted four years of my precious life in this army institute. What is your uni again? Me transferring the lil bit of credits left in my degree right away.

But now way am I letting them touch my ears. Gross!!! :/

No* way. Stupid dumb typos. :/

~Shuaib: Hahah. Go to CBM. Sari khuwahishaat puri ho jaein ge :P

What's CBM? :/

College of Business Management =)

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