Another Group Study Session

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Ritz came at my place yesterday. We had to study Course ABC, but we ended up studying Course XYZ! And that's how our day went:

  • we messed up the room with our books.
  • turned on the AC.
  • acted sane for a lil while.
  • and then got back to our normal selves :P
  • decided what to study.
  • wasted time
  • studied a lil.
  • sent bro to get photocopies.
  • had lunch like we've not eaten anything in years =D
  • waited for chai time
  • Ritz ate almost all the Rainbow Cupcakes and didn't let me eat =( :P
  • Nav got pissed off that we didn't let him know we're having a GS session at my place
  • and he started crying :D
  • we then started talking about cakes and I showed her Lala's cake book.
  • And then we saw flower arrangement books.
  • and started talking about flower exhibitions.
  • then I brought my Mac delight
  • and we started watching songs.
  • and then we took (more than 100) pictures - all silly :P
  • then Abeer came and we took even more pictures =D
  • then Ritz' momma came and I went to drop her at the gate.
And then I studied... :P

And this is our scary side :P

Cheerio folks =)



i love group studies :p

sounds productive lol

LOL! You got a lot of studying done! :P


niice :P .. that's what happens at all times .. group study sessions never seem to work :P .. I get a lot done when I study alone .. group study sessions are indeed a waste of time .. Nevertheless .. ENTERTAINING :P

waqt ka ziya hai ye =D

like ur teeth ;)

~Ubaid: Me tooo =)

~Brok3n: Lol. They're hell fun =)

~Siras: Yeah, after we leave, we study like anything :P

~Huda: Lol. And that's what we always want - entertainment :P

~Jingo bhaiyya: And I love it :D

~Asma: Lol. Haina? :D We always open our mouths like that when posing for this mode :D

lol.. GS essions are always a fun thing
but i bet the more seriousy we study afer such GS sessions , neverr study earlier :P

~Ash: Lol. Yeah :D

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