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Went to the Shooting Range after a lonnnnng time. And I had to wait for an even longer time for the coach (or someone else to accompany me at the Range). So, I issued a .22 Long Rifle, and Miss S. and I went down to the 50-meter Range with 25 bullets each. Sssss! :P Although 25 bullets seem verrrry less, but for a beginner like me they were enough [They usually issue 10-15 bullets to beginners]. .22 rifles are for petite people like me :P So later on, when InshaAllah I'd get command over it, I'd be using the heavier ones. Yummmm! And for that I should start body-building right from today, says Miss S. :P And did I tell you those heavy rifles are so damn cooool?!?!?!

Okay, getting back to the Range now. The rules: We have to lie down on our tummies, position ourselves properly, hold the rifle, focus the target and Bang!!! The golden rule of shooting is, when you lie down and position yourself, don't move until you've fired a considerable number of shots. So when it comes to lying down on tummy, I'm a Kabacha - silly person. I just can't do it! I start getting pain in my back. And I used to move every now and then :/ Anyway, I started aiming at the target and shot a few bullets. My initial shots went in the first ring. But later on, I improved. But even then, my shots were getting place in the sixth ring. There was a problem in the rifle. Positioned its V properly, and the next shot that I hit went straight through the bull's-eye! :D Yahoooo!!!!!! I was soooo dead happy :P I then borrowed 5 bullets from Miss S and started shooting again. It was so much fun!!! I love it!!! =D (Oh, btw, Miss S. is a Pistol shooter). Check the shot! :P

I so much wish I could show my shooting results to Papa. Please Allah, show my Daddy dear these pictures and let me know how happy he is. Thank you =)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Did I tell you I love myself for hitting a bull's-eye! :P

PPS: I need to focus more on the aiming. My shots are quite dispersed. They need to be clustered in any ring. Check the shots in 6th ring :P That's how shots should be :P



You are pretty good for a beginner :)
I would like to see the shooting results after 3 months again :p so i can see the progress :p

~JonyBr: Thank youuuu =) I'm so dead happy :D I hope I qualify for the next Olympics :P Hehehe

wow its really exciting
is it for members?
which range you went to?

gulp. :p

~Duffer: It's heck exciting! I go to PN Shooting Range, Karsaz =)

~Ahmer: Lol. Why gulp? :P

that made me want to take fencing again o.o ...damn if it wasn't for the uncomfortable costume and the funny mask I'd so be there.
Shooting seems fun tho, good going!

Chalo dhamagh may na sahee .. bazzoo may hii sahee, laggay gi tu na :D

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Quite impressive well done!

~Brok3n: Fencing? Wow! Sounds so interesting. And shooting is as much fun as fencing =P

~Asma: Kia lagay gi? :P

~AliBaba: Thank you =)

yaaay u r improving, I shall hire u as my personal sniper, kaisa ;)?

lol at "Kabacha - silly person" u dont have to tell us , hamko pata hai :P

"I need to focus more on the aiming." lol no u need to work on the tummy of urs so you stay put not move around :PPpp

PS: I think I will be ur first sniper victim.

PPS: I should wear an armor now :P and stay away from ur roof top :Pp

~Acro: Lol. Chalay ga :D
I had to clarify, because many people don't know what a kabacha is :D
Lol @ your PS notes. Abhi to I'm just a beginner. So tension nishta. Me won't do anything to anyone :D

Counter Strike 1.6 mein aoo to bataon!!

seedha headshot =D

~Jingoist: Aap reality mein aein to bataoun :P

hahahahha, lol, jingoist reality mein mat jana my advice :P

Acro ko pata hay mein bohat dangerous houn. hahahaha :D

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