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I simply detest those invigilators who don't let the student solve their exam peacefully.

Case 1: It was our first paper of Total Quality Management, and we got the worst invigilator. That uncle had a habit of speaking too much. In TQM, we have to think a lot and write a lot too. As you all know thinking for me is a difficult thing. Anyway, he gave us the paper 3 minutes late. In those 3 minutes, I recited Ayat-ul-Kursi thrice (I hope I get a good grade now). After the paper begun, he started talking to himself in a pretty loud voice. "Hmm, so you MBAs have marketing exam today? I love teaching Marketing..." And then those Marketing students started asking for "help" from him. ARGH!!!! When he was done helping the MBA's out, he came towards us. "So, Mr. Firdous Shehri teaches you TQM?" Waka nodded without looking at him and then buried himself in the papers again. Just to tease us, he started again, "So he calls you guys Kaka and Kaki, right?" *khe khe khe*. None of us three TQM students looked at him or smiled. So he had to move away from us. The time he used to stay quiet, his shoes used to speak. Tak, Tak, Tak. That was so dead annoying. After 5 minutes, he started saying something else again. I just couldn't concentrate on my paper, so I asked him to come and said, "Sir, would you please ask these students to stay quiet. I just can't focus on my exam. Thank you". And there he was repeating every word that I said... *sighs*

Case 2: It was our Development Economics exam. I was sitting on the front seat, right in front of the invigilator, and he kept staring at my paper and stationery. That was so disturbing for me. Anyway, the worst part came when all of a sudden he yelled "Whose cellphone is it?" and we all almost jumped. No one could hear any phone ringing. We all started looking at each other and smiled. He yelled again, "Look in your papers!" We all obeyed him. Then again he yelled after a few seconds, "Whose cellphone is vibrating? I asked you all to switch off their phones". Silence. He went to the place where all the bags were dumped. He picked up each and every bag to identify which one had the vibrating phone. The moment he picked up Ritz's bag, he felt that vibration stopped. He roared again, "Whose bag is this?"
Ritz: "Mine, Sir."
Him: "I asked you to switch off the phone"
Ritz: "It is switched off"
Him: "Is it on silent mode?"
Ritz: *cofused* "Yes Sir"
Him: "I said all phones to be switched off"
Ritz: "It's off sir"
Him: "Argh!!!"

I turned around and smiled at Ritz :P The whole class was smiling, and Ritz was trying her best to hide her anger.
After the exam I asked her why she wasn't answering him properly. And she said that her phone was on silent mode - which means it doesn't vibrate. And even if somebody's phone was vibrating, who was getting disturbed by it?

That was really lame of that invigilator. He really shouldn't have disturbed us. Nobody even noticed that a phone was vibrating. *sighs again*

Let's see what type of invigilators do I get in my majors' papers. Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks =)



LOL! Some people talk at the wrong times. :P

And the second incident really cracked me up. :D

Anonymous says:

Ritz: "It is switched off"
Him: "Is it on silent mode?"

Is he pursuing a PhD? :-)

~Siras: The first one was way too annoying, and the second one was way too funny :D

~Adnan: God knows! Lagta to nae hay waisay :P

Anonymous says:

i wonder if his invigilation is so annoying... what does he do while teaching a course ?

Anonymous says:

combination of invigilation make whole story interesting ..

in second case , may b HE is trying to show you guys that he can do something but forget to think before arguing.

best of luck for remaining papers


~Jingoist: Pata nae, never studied a course from any of them :D they both are marketing teachers. And I'm not a marketing person :)

~YouTee: Lol, yeah. Probably. :D You call such people "over efficient" :P

And thanks for the luck. Ab pray too please :)

Anonymous says:

Dua he karwai jarhe ho, kuch Dawa bhe karlo :P

pharray bana liya? help chahye ho tu bata deyna.

You're tagged! :D

~Adnan: Pharray aik dumm ready! :D

~Siras: Thanks :)

Anonymous says:

Good luck for the major ones
and tons of prayers to save you from such invigilators onwards…

~Ash: Awwww, thanks for praying :) *hugs*

Anonymous says:

good! naqal karti huwi pakri mat jana warna siddiqis ki naak kat jaye gi.. Siddiqis ne jab bhe naqal ki, Alhamdolillah kabhi nai pakray gaye..Ehsan hay opar walay ka

kuch nai tu naam ki hi laaj rakh leyna!! :-)

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