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OMG, this would be THE most boring post I've ever written in the past 5 years. Anyway, yesterday we went to this nearby mall, and we found out about the sale at Ideas. At that time Biya and I bought 2 bedsheets (which had 70% off). We went home and told Momma that we also saw some pretty quilts and made her go with us to the mall again. Then we bought a quilt and 5 more bedsheets - all with the intention to be kept for my dowry. :$ Haye! So much ahs been accumulated for this dowry purpose now, Alhamdolillah (?) Tell you what, I've got so much crockery and kitchen appliances now that I feel these all are given to me to open up a restaurant :( I just hope *he* has a big kitchen in his house to fit in all my things :P

Uff, coming back to the point. The sale at Ideas is a very good one for bedsheets and quilts. For dresses it is good only if you're a fat woman or a bulky guy. No fitted clothes there. And yeah, I didn't like the shoe collection there, and the hand bags are simply idiotic. So huge and shimmery - so not my type!

Do visit your nearest Ideas :P

Cheerio folks =)



Thankyou for such a detailed info on dowry collection :P

Should I come all the way to Pakistan, to visit Ideas? :P

Dukaan aacchi thi .... par cheezein just ok ;)

you have so much time in hands for such unnecessary things. :-)


isn't redirecting to the right place...
do get it fixed =D

and Happy Shopping!!
i know your gender can't stop doing it!

I have visited Ideas recently along with my Sis .. guess what I just stand out of it because i hate mall sp. when there is so called "Sale" ..

She bought count less stuff as I said mood to waste money then allow me to do that =P

anyway ... cant stop u guys[girls] to do this


~Acro: And you call this "detailed"? You have no idea about those other things

~Siras: Aap ki merzi :P

~Asma: Lol. Aisa to hamesha hota hay :P

~Adnan: You call this unnecessary? Haye, you guys know nothing!! :P

~Jingo bhai: SO true! :D

~YouTee: Lol. Reminds me my bro was also standing outside, cursing us :P

Woohoo! New template! Dinky mind seems to be working.

Ab mey kuch kaho ga tu kaho gi k "you have a problem with everything I say" :P

~Shuaib: Shhh... Work in progress :P

~Adnan: When did I say that? :P

waoo nice theme ... =) i also changed mine too but yours so attractive Mashallah =)


Nice template!!! =D

you didn't say that??

~YouTee: Thank you :) but I have to make a lot of changes.

~Siras: Thankoo =)

~Adnan: I did? :P

dinky, yep!

Okay :$
But I don't remember that :P

jhoot bhe bolti ho?? :>

Hawww...Jee nae jee!

you are! you know it well :-)

Acha na! Ab kia yahan bhe dobara likhoun? :P

marzi! *shrug* :-)

chalo, bakhsh dia is dafa :P

kio kia tum Allah Bakhsh ho jo mujhe bakhs rahi ho?

Nahi, mein to Allah Rakhi houn :P

Who are you, Maula Bakhsh? :P
You know what a Maula bakhsh is, right? :D

You know what a Maula bakhsh is, right? :D

No. Please tell me.

Maula bakhsh wo danda hota hay jis se bachoun ki pitai ki jati hay :D

dinky siddiqi, acha yani jis se tumhari pitai hoti hay? hmmmmm.

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