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I'm very bad at controlling my laughter. Even if I cover my mouth, my eyes show it. And this is so dead dangerous especially when you're having a real serious lecture. I always get such fits at the worst possible time. It usually happens at the university. And I always get those killing stares from the teachers and my nerdy classmates.

I miss Jaj. I miss the time when Jaj, Ritz and I would sit together and make fun of our teachers' dressing, their accent, their teaching style, etc. We would also laugh at the funny text messages and forward them at the same time. Plus, we had (and still have) some silly classmates at whom we'd laugh. [Astaghfirullah]. The thing is, whenever we'd get a giggling fit, Jaj would be the first one to control her laughter and sit with a plain face, as if nothing had happened. Ritz would be next. And I would be the last one, and would usually end up just covering my mouth. Our proffy would notice just me and my 'smiling eyes', and poor me would get all the bashing.

This was almost 2 years ago. Things have changed since then. Jaj got married, and Ritz and I got busy in the ever-hectic university life. But thankfully our sense of humor is still the same :) Jaj and I would laugh at just anything. Seriously. Ritz had a different sense of humor. But when Jaj got married and left university, Ritz and I adjusted, and got used to each other's crooked jokes. :D Jaj would be joining again from the next semester, and I'm so waiting for that time.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Today was the last day (before final exams) of my 7th semester. I feel so gloomy. What will happen on the last day of my final semester? :'(



Anonymous says:

you surely gonna miss this part of life!

All the best any way!! =)

That sounds like so much fun! :) Hope your friend comes back soon and you have looooaaaaddddzzz of more fun moments :)

~Jingoist: Welcome to my blog :)
I know :( I'm already missing so much about uni :(

~Siras: Welcome to my blog :) Lol. Yeah, no one can imagine what kind of fun we used to have :D When she's skipping semesters, I tend to get good grades. :D So, you can get the picture of what fun time we have when we're together :)

Anonymous says:

nice ... yes i can imagine my Uni life when i used to make fun of different faculty members and chill out around with close ones ...

Allah bless your times and friendship =)

Anonymous says:

well :D i reminds me of my uni days and an special family incident too..
I used to crack/notice first such kind of things among my friends during any deadly serious (boring) lecutrezz

i had a great great time with my friends ... i thought i am the only person on this earth with this weirdd kind of attitude but i am glad to find you ;) (Atleast now i can tell my family with proud thati am not all alone :D)

I get these fits too.. even now after completing uni too

i remember one of my teacher was so irriated wih my this habbit that when ever i asked any hing with him he used to start his communicatilon with this particular dialouge which widen my smile more(controlled version of uncontrollable laughs:)) "she don't know any thing except laguhing":D
God... and that family incident ..Gawsh.. i cant forget the dangerious looks made by my whole maternal family at me at a same instance :D:D
i accept it wasn't time to laugh but the scene was funny enough for me that i couldn't controll my self to laugh out loud.....:D

~YouTee: But I still find my school life better than uni life. I never used to study in school. Ab to phir bhee perhna per jata hay :(

~Ash: Welcome, my twin :D Laughing (at others) makes life fun :D I hope you stay happy (like me) for ever :P

Anonymous says:

oh wow its gonna be fun time again with jaj and ritz :P

How come jaj can re-join the next sem with you wesay :P I can more of relate to ritz here :P in uni we three friends would do the same .. I was thejoke cracker and at the end they wont be able to stop their laughter and i was all serious =D

That is the fun of joke cracking :P


~Asma: she wouldn't join with us, but she would be there in the uni. We can bunk classes together :D
People (read jokers) like you can be easily identified from a distance :P
Where are your 2 accomplices? I so much wish ke ritz, jaj and I stay in contact for the whole life.

last day is pretty depressing :(((, very emotional post btw

~ Acro: Lol. Acha? :D

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