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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, January 30, 2009 in
Yes, finally, it has been changed. But I have to make a lot of changes in it. Have to add a couple of widgets too. Last summers I gathered a lot of cool templates, but lost them all some 2 months ago :(
And this one's my Momma's choice. I showed her 2 - this one and a light blue one. She liked this one, although I wanted to go for the blue one. But I like it now =)



Anonymous says:

looks nice...and simple...

love it love it love it ......

well ager dostoon se template nahi share karo gi tu lost hi hon ga na ....

aur chupaho aur chupaho....

~UTP: Yep :)

~Yesterday: This was really not my intention :P I had to test them, tried a few but they weren't showing up right :(

look simple and nice ....

i appreciate your mama choice ... :) she select the best one

well best of luck for further changes i hope they were best fit in you new template :)


I saw it BEFORE you posted about it! YAY me! :p

~YouTee: I know :) And thanks for the wishes :)

~Siras: Yay!! You won! :P

Change is always nice.

BTW, the previous theme really did suit your blog. I guess it had its fair share of life. :P

Which one, the greeny one? That had no proper header. And I felt the color to be very flamboyant :D

hehe.My family don't know that I am a blogger :-)

Even I never shared with my colleagues. That's other thing that some how they found it. Unfortunately my email Id and blog name are same. :(

Dinky Mind: The older one. Which was around for years. :P

~Adnan: Yeah, I had to ask about why there was a K before your name? :D

~Shuaib: Oh, that blue one? I liked it too, but actually I encountered some problems in its html, and since I didn't made it, I couldn't fix it :) so had to change it :)


kadnan=Kanjoos Adnan :P

that maneesha's pic was quite good. some reader on my blog asked me whether it was yours pic? coz she liked that picture a lot :P

~Shuaib: Jes, jes :D

~Adnan: Maneesha kon? Reader kon? :P

~Adnan: See, I can comment :D

Anonymous says:

fantastic template..me loves it: )

Thanks for liking :)

nice template... why don't u switch to wordpress ??

I did. Check out umemalicious.wordpress. Actually I didn't know how to do what :P

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