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I have fallen in love with this language. Punjabi is so much fun. I remember in school when there used to be just 3 Urdu-speaking students (including me) in the class, and rest 20-25 students were all Punjabi. I started picking up their funjaabi accent and some of the common mistakes that they'd make in the gender of things. They never spoke punjabi, so I could never learn that language. The only thing I learned was saying "Showcase" and "Chheyti ker kurriye" in punjabi accent :D (Try saying it, it's fun :P)

One day I forwarded a punjabi text msg to a punjabi freind, and he asked if I made it up myself? Obviously I didn't. But he wanted to hear a punjabi sentence from me. Now that was hard. I told him that I can understand a bit of Punjabi, but can't speak. Anyway, I tried refreshing my memory for any Punjabi sentence. And miraclously I did come up with one. At that very instance I called him up and told him. The sentence was:

"Saanu ki pata paijaan. Asi ta hurn he pind to aya oun, battiyaan waikharn" :D

[Oh God, it's so hard to write Punjabi :D]

And he got such an instense laughing fit at that time ke bus!!! :D The whole day he kept laughing. Evil him never taught me anything in Punjabi since then.

One of the main reasons for me liking this language is Punjaagi clips they (used to) show on TV. They are so dead funny, one can never resist their laughter :D

Here are a few Punjaagi clips that I love the most :)


Rab Raakha! =)

PS: I'm interested in learning this language. So if any of you is an expert in this language, please contact me :)

PPS: The forwarded txt msg was:
"Nakhray twaday tauba tauba,
Ajeeb twada style ay,
Call ya msg te tussi kerna ee koi nae,
Aiwaien rola paya ay ke saaday kol mobile hay"




lol :P

And I'm not going to say that on phone, you know it :P

Anonymous says:

Punjabi totay was mine favorite too till Aag tv was line up in the list of channels by my cable service :( but now I can’t :(
i also love punjabi .. Few of my friends are punjabi by cast but i never got to learn any thing from them
Han ji !
Rab Rakha
fit fat
thandh rakh mamye/jigar..:D
tusi vi na .. niki niki galan nou dil se laga lyte ho(some thing like that)

Can’t memorize with the same accent further long length punjabi sentences :D

Well I'm from Lahore and I don't know much Punjabi, well I do know it but when I speak it, it all comes out in an English accent so just sounds funny :P

Anonymous says:

LOLz .. man . I love punjabi :D

BTW, punjabis dont mess up the gender of things ;)

so Wana learn?

Anonymous says:

i love punjabi jokes .... not because they are funny but because of i don't get any word instead of slang ;)

~Ash: I watch the clips after 10 minutes :$ I have so fallen in love with the cute style they talk in :$

LOl @ thand rakh "mamiye" :D
the punjabi word that I like the most is "Kurriye" :D It sounds so sweet :D

~Siras: Lol. I'm wondering how your speak Punjabi in english accent :D Now that would be the real Funjaabi :D

~Asma: Oh yeah. Tussi aj ee start karo jee :P
There was once a time when we used to talk in french, and now punjabi. WOW! :D

~YouTee: Lol. Admit it, their jokes are equally funny :P

Anonymous says:

lol that was cool! i really liked the two videos you shared! =)

~Kamran: Thanks for liking :)

Anonymous says:

lolssss..... well i my case me and one of my cousin wanted to learn 'potohari'....we can easily understand it but still cant speak properly....

so this one time me n my cousin went to the formal room locked the door and started speaking to each other in potohari....and for hours we both kept laughing.....

as for punjabi...i can understand but cant speak it either.... so basicly i am only left with english n urdu to communicate

Anonymous says:

Uffff umemooo hum kitnay multi-lingual kisam kay log hain naa ;D

~Yesterday Lady: Why did you guys lock up the room and then conversed in potohari? Can't this language be spoken in front of other people? :D

~Asma: Oui. C'est exact! :p
Aaho jee :P
Na'am :)

Anonymous says:

heh... these clips aren't that good as Hashar Nashar used to be...

I remember that used to be played over NTM ...

I hope u remember that!

waisey tuwan sikhun da shoq hay ya sirg gallan he gallan ney ? =P

~Jingoist: LOl. Seekhnay ka kam hay, taang torney ka ziada shauq hay :D

And when Hashar Nashar used to be played on NTM, I was very kiddo. So, I hardly remember. I just remember the channel NTM, and program called Hashar Nashar, and not what's showed in it :D

well well u will have to :P

~Acro: Make me!!! :P

Anonymous says:

nahi na cuz we r awful and we crack ppl up when we r trying :(

i came to ur blog through googling "learn potohari"

that jst cracked me up

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