The joy of winning!

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Recently, I read on Acro's blog how he lost all 5 matches of Table Tennis. So, I decided to resume my game. Moreover, Rabia is constantly buggin me to have our tournament matches, but I keep on making excuses that I am not well, and I've got classes and quizzes etc., when actually I am not prepared for the match!

The scenario is: Rabia Khan and I are the two girls in the whole univeristy who play a lot better than other girls. And so, we know, we're going to be playing against each other in the final! And I have to play a match (that's gonna be the semi-final; directly) with Sara Abdula. She beat Khushi in the first round(?). Rabia Khan beat Naureen Sajid. Now, I'll beat Sara Abdula (InshAllah). And Rabia Khan will beat Shamayl Ather Usmani (well, Rabia is a pretty good player).

Boys always beat us in the game. But, today was an awesome-ish day! I was practising with Umair, when Jehangir and Usman came upstairs to play. Since there were only 3 bats, we could play singles only. Although I am worst at playing singles, but thanks to Nav., who would always encourage me to atleast try and play. Well, well, well. I started having a match with Umair. It was going all smooth, when a time came when I took the lead and the score jumped to 18-12. And then I beat him at ...uh, well, I don't remember! Probably 15 or 16. And hey, I was so glad that I beat someone better than me! [I have beaten two other guys - Hasan Ashraf and Majid. They play well too].

Since there's this rule of "Winner to stay", I had to stay on the table and play my next match, though I wanted to go out and have some fresh air. Anyways, Jehangir came to play. When the game began I was ahead of him by a couple of points, but somehow, he would drag his score and make it somewhat sound like 8 all, etc. Just because he's a left-handed player, I was facing quite a lot of difficulties. Anyways, I tried and then a point came when I was almost winning the game by 19-17. Then he took one point and I took one too. The score climed to Game-18. I was damn sure, he'd tie it up, cuz I have a habit of losing points easily when I am winning an easy game. Today's game wasn't easy though. I ended the match with a beautiful smash and then I went into the state of utter hapiness and incredulity! I pronounced my happiness to Jaj (shamayl) who became quite impressed by my game! Hehehe....

Then came Usman...oops, I knew I couldn't beat him, cuz he has improved his game a lot, and I was feeling tired and was all drenched in sweat. Well, I tried. But heck, I lost the game at 16. It was all because he's got quite a strong back-hand game. And when he hits a back-hand smash, I just stand aside and watch. Lolz. But I shouldn't forget one thing. There was a day when I almost beat this guy. I mean, he cheated so he won. I lost that game at 19.

So, this was my success story. Pray I win the semi-final and final match too.. Beating Rabia Khan would be a difficult job, but surely not impossible. Your paryers and my preparation might result in my victory. So, pweaseeeee pray for meeee!!!!

Cheerio folks!




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assalmao alaykum w.w.!

Ohhh so glad to seee u back on blogging world ... gul muhtarma still sleeping if u'll meet her nuni ussay meri taraf say .... samajh gayi naaa :)

Best wishes for ur upcoming matches ... abb rabia ko bhi haraaa kar hi ana dobara blogging karnay :)

best wishes and prayers
wassalam :)

abey why you had to give link to my post and mention that I lost all 5 matches :P hehe, those who even dont come to my blog will know what a loser I am in this game :P.

but yaaaaaaaaaaay I am sho proud of you :D, goodluck for the tourney :D and yes work on backhand, it is very crucial goodluck :D.

Ahh the joys of ping-pong :-)

Best of luck

You will beat Rabia :)

with regards

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