French exam!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, May 06, 2006 in
Today, I had 2 hours of french. Pretty annoying!! And today I got to know that I've got my final paper right after a week!!! And man, I'm not prepared for even a single word!!! Arghhh!!! In this Level, I missed a lot of classes. I mean just a lotttttttttt of classes. I remember, way back in Level 1, I would consider missing a class a sin! And, not to forgot, I had the best teacher in that Level. Even in this Level, I've got a nice teacher. I won't blame her. The thing is, I am not studying these days. I mean, I really can't do my university and french assignments simultaneously. And then leaving home at 7 am and getting in at 7 pm really annoys me the most. Mommyyyy....I hate that!

So, well, I was talking about my French exam! I am hoping it to be a hell sort of a paper! Why? Because in this Level, we have studied almost all the tenses. Not almost, but really ALL the tenses. Starting from Present, then Past, Future, Conditional, Imperfect...blah blah blah... So, you guys can easily imagine that this Dinky Mind is trying its level best not to explode.

Ok, enough french blahs for today.

But hey, yesterday I noticed something. I typed http://umem.blogspot.com and it worked! So, is blogspot working now??? [Today, it's not] :(

Awight, awight, awight...

Me needa go now...

Cheerio folks!!!



Good luck on the exam!

Goodluck Dinko :D

do studyyy

You might want to learn French by listening to French songs. It's less annoying :)
French course

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