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"Are you sane? I mean, why don't you take food?"
"Why are you after your life? Go, and eat something."
"Don't show me your face until you think you've had your food-o-meter full."
"Tell me the name of that genius who insisted you on coming to the uni."
[Me: "Remember we've got 2 quizzes today?]
"And you came here for quizzes???"

Yes readers, these are what people around me saying about me!

Let me clarify you all one thing. I "do" take food and I do take rest. What is my fault if headache and fever want to become my friends? Do you think I like having fever and cough? Who does? I do take medicines and I do take care of myself. The world hasn't stopped producing Disprins!

I've got Eco and Statistics' quiz today. And I plan to go home at 12:30 pm, if someone picks me from here. And yeah, I'm feeling better now!!! So, my dear friends, stop worrying! I heard someone say, "Fever and aches are good for a person". [Now don't start arguing cuz I myself don't know 'how' it's good! ]

Awight folks, pray for my quizzes.

Cheerio =)



moi hopes quzzies went well :D

and get well dodo sooon :D.

Anonymous says:

no, you dont eat much. i know.

Gurl get some rest! Aur mein arzu karta huun keh aap theek karti hai quizun par

Oh shweet lil baby ... get well soon and lots of luck for ur paper :)

And very bad take enough foood and rest ... go for this dieting in ur vacations ... OK !

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