From Job Hunt To Girl Hunt

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The younger male population of our country is traumatized by job hunt, and their moms are worried about finding the perfect girl for them. In short, there's a lot of emotional commotion around us.

The general definition of a "perfect girl" includes traits such as "... smart (not fatty AT ALL), young, pretty, has long hair, tall, well-educated, perfect in all household chores, friendly and on top of all, FAIR!" The perfect girl is one having all these attributes. All the other girls can go to ... wherever they like!


While running down the stairs after class, Sammy and I were hoping to find the Xerox shop a bit less crowded. After a few more steps, I realized I was striding alone without my accomplice. So I turned around and found her having a chat with an aunty and a girl (apparently her daughter). I headed back to find the cause of delay and what happened next is as follows:

Aunty *in a well-composed manner*: "My son has done CA and is very intelligent. And we are looking for a girl for him."
Sammy and I took a half step back and tried to wave our left hands and get them notice our engagement rings. Thankfully they did.
The Daughter: "We are looking for a very pretty girl and of course IBA produces intelligent girls."
Sammy and I *forcing a smile*: "Indeed"
The Daughter *all excited*: "So how's that brown culottes wali girl? You guys know her?"
I scanned the area for the brown culottes wali girl but she was to be seen nowhere.
Me: "Umm, where exactly?"  [Yeah, yeah, I was starting to enjoy it all :P]
The Daughter: "Oh, she's gone actually!"
Me *mumbles* : "Very well. And you expect us to recognize girls by their colored culottes and not by their faces?"
The Daughter: "So, you know her? We want a pretty one actually"
Me: "Well, there's a truckload of girls here. And sadly we don't know each one of them" :)
Sammy: "Yeah, we've actually got more boys than girls here"
Aunty: "So you're in 1st year of studies?"
Sammy: "No, no, no... In the last one actually and it's the 2nd one as well" :)
Aunty: "So you know any pretty girl here... someone you can suggest?"
[Aunty free hoing now. So we tried to cut short the story and Sammy came up with something out of nowhere]
Sammy: "Aunty, actually I'm also looking for girls"
I quickly turned sideways to hide my laughter. Who is she looking girls for????

Somehow we managed to end the convo right there and move on, giving them a polite gesture that we can't help them :) And all this time I wondering how did they manage to get into the premises? I mean what did they say to the guards, 'We're here to find a pretty girl for my CA son?' :)


Stop haunting girls that way. Please!



It's like we want a Matching Shalwar for our CA Qameez. GOSH!
We need to treat Humans (Women) as Humans.

P.S: at such times the Son's of such Mamma's end up falling for the Weirdest girls EVER! :P

What losers.. :)

And what is a culotte?

Adnan Khan Afridi says:

Believe me is me hum larko ka koi kasur ni hota...

I dont know why every mom thinks that her son deserves the most beautiful girl on earth :S

I repeat, larko ka koi kasur ni hota :D

ہمممم آئیڈیا اچھا ہے
میں بھی اپنی اماں کو قائداعظم ، نمل اور ۔۔۔۔ کے ڈیپارٹمنتس کا شیڈول بنا کے دیتا ہوں

Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

You should suggest a better way of finding a girl then! The poor mother is so desperate to rescue her innocent son from clever and meanie girls of present day society!

Nikki: Na-shukray loag hotay hein wo :P

Uni: Exactly! And culottes are baggy pants (kind of) that girls wear :)

Afridi: Know what Afridi, you're one in a million guys jis ka koi kusur nahi. I know why you keep repeating that. It's really heart-wrenching to know you haven't seen your fiancée yet :P

Duffer: We can expect that from you :D

CIA: The best way is to ask your son to find a girl himself! Or maybe the despo mommies can contact those rishtay waali aunties.
And welcome to my blog :)

Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

The poor son was all busy in doing his C.A!!! How on earth he was supposed to take out time for this time consuming, brain twisting activity of finding a nice girl! I feel pity for mommy as she very correctly went to IBA for this "hunt" coz she thought "well, it's better to get a girl with a brain rather than looks alone"!
And u shud know dat ristay wali aunties themselves spend miserable married lives..let alone to b hopeful about, them finding a decent partner for u!

Then trust Him only and sit quietly at home. Let Him take charge of the difficult affairs.

Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

One is bound to make an effort at least no matter how much trust he/she have in Him!

Oh dear god. :/

Ab yah naubat agayi hai o_o

Adnan Khan Afridi says:

kon kehta he k I havent seen my fiance :/

CIA: Hmm. True.

QA: Jee, socho zara! You should be happy you arent living here

Afridi: Mein ne to yehi suna tha. Or was it like you saw her after your engagement?

Shuaib says:

One word, "disturbing"...

Not the story teller, rather the story and the state of affairs in our culture...

And since I am visiting your blog after a long time and was hoping to read some cheerful "dinky" posts, I am going to read some past posts now :P

Shuaib says:

Oh, btw, I agree with Afridi to some extent.

Somehow, that's how things are meant to be. That's how our culture has evolved, and moms, no matter if they are actually pretty much educated, are "supposed" to "hunt" for bahhos in this fashion.

"Farmabardar" sons would actually settle for it, and when and where their moms succeed in hunting a girl, would happily agree to get married (though the after-marriage story in such cases is a different phenomena). The non conformist son would usually let the mom do her thing (in order to avoid annoying debates), till she succeeds in her hunt, and then the son has to force his way out of the trap. :P

But at the end of the day, I think we all are to blame, for what we all have become. There is a deadlock in our culture, a struggle for survival between modernism and old age traditions. Until one kills the other, confusion is the only thing that will prevail.

What could be the solution then? Should mothers be a little less choosy about their prospective daughter-in-laws, or should they let their sons decide? I believe they should adopt the middle way. Maybe. Rigidity takes you no where.

And my sincerest request to all the moms (and prospective moms) who're reading this - You're a woman as well, so please show some clemency while "rejecting" girls just because they're not fair or are too skinny/too fat or whatever reason. Nobody stays beautiful all their life.

Shuaib says:

Well... I won't pretend I've the solution. But I guess my opinion is, moms should stop worrying. Their kid probably has plans. And it also includes getting married some point in life, when and where he meets the right person. And for the sons, I guess they need to give a more compelling reassurance of that to their mums.

But that's far from being a solution, hardly even a choice. With the generation gap that has hit us, the mindset difference between the elderly and the young is just too wide to allow successful communication of that sort.

I guess it only comes down to, "all is well", or "have fun with it". :P

3 months back you wouldn't have thought about writing this post.

Anonymous says:

Well what I can understand is women need to respect women folk other wise there will be no change in the overall scenario

Shuaib: True. I agree as long as the moms are willing to understand and the sons are able to explain well :)

Vaqas: Because three months ago I was having vacations :)

Anon: I believe the same!

god they were actually looking for girls by dropping in a university .. now thats some desperation! Did you people asked if she's got her CA beta's pic in hand too?

BTW its much fun when you are inquired about studies and all after you get engaged or married ;-)

That's not desperation, that's making "the right choice" :P
Haye, we missed that!!! Honestly, not being a professional rishtay-wali khala, we forgot to ask them for the pic. Tch!!! I regret that now :P

I knowwww. It feels so good when people say, "Nooo, you look like you're an A'L student" :P *giggles*

Adnan Khan Afridi says:

I have seen her so many time... but bachpan me :/

han albatta I saw her picture before engagement :P

recently ni dekha live :(

How unlucky of you Afridi. :( Is a phone conversation allowed? ;)

I hope you recognize her on your wedding :P

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