Pepsi's Problem Solved!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, September 11, 2010 in , , ,
Abeer: "Have you seen that ad, 'Kis ne kaha tha Pepsi per 5 Rupay kamm ker do?'"
Me: "Jes, jes. So, do you know kis ne kaha tha ke 5 Rupay kamm karo?"
Abeer *thinking for a while*: "Larki ne" =)

Case Dismissed!



hahahaha :P Truly kaha tou Larke nay he tha :P

Kids are smarter =D

Lol.....yes true that.....but I've been bombarded with texts about Kis ne kaha pepsi pe 5 rs kam kerdo......from the pathan to faraz to politians......every joke has a new protagonist claiming they invented the idea of pepsi pe 5 rs kam kerdo! Now its not even funny!

wats this thing? some new pepsi ad? ive been seeing at so many places online ,,,,

asma??? dont tell me you are not IN this new FAD???

I actually came across a great site which has put it all together.. remind me to share it... HILARIOUS!!!

no she didnt

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