Relationship Status: [Happily] Enagaged

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OMG. I still can't believe it. Hehe.


Okay, starting from when the things got finalized and we had to rush to malls and caterers to finalize things there. It was a hectic, but a fun-packed job. And I badly prayed for things to go smooth. Being a perfectionist I really disliked when it rained yesterday. I mean you know how much I love rains but yesterday was a different story =P And Alhamdolillah it didn't rain during the big event =D See, my prayers do get answered real quick! Alhamdolillah. Okay, back to the pre-engagement fun. So, 2 days before the Big Day, my cousins and relatives organized a mini dholki at our place and it was huge fun! All (exclude me)  danced madly. Like real madly! And we sung songs on dholl, the real fun type songs. Haha.

The next day I got hennafied. Momma fed me dinner. That was the best part of the whole day. I was acting like a princess. Hehe. I mean sitting at one place and getting my work done by others. That was amazing for a few hours but after that I got tired of not doing work myself. I'm stupid. Thankyouverymuch.

That day my dress and things came as well. And the packing was ammmazing MashAllah. We also packed "his" stuff that day. Took loadsa pictures. And the thing that was itching me the most was the camera was not in my hands. Being hennafied has its own disadvantages.

Okay wrapping up this section and going to the next one now. But wait, the beauty parlor story is left. But it's a very comprehensive one, which will be described by pictures.


So the big day was here and I was completely sleep deprived. I slept at 4 am and woke up after exactly 2 hours. I just couldn't sleep anymore. Anyway, I was forced to take a nap at 3 pm which was pretty helpful.

So when I entered the lawn, I really admired the decoration and I was itching to take pictures of the place and flowers. *sigh* mein aisi kyun houn? For a good lot of time I was comfily seated inside the ... uh, bridal room. Got pictures there. And there was a funny scene. The glass doors of that room were covered with curtains. I was seated on an armchair under the fan and from that angle I was able to see people outside in the lawn. And guess what, the only "people" I could see was "him"!!!! So what would you call that, a mere coincidence? =P

Then when the time came for the ceremony and when he held my hand to slide the ring in my finger, my heart stopped beating. Pakka I'm not exaggerating here. It was a very very different feeling. My legs froze and became rock-hard. Although he did try to keep me at ease with small conversations before the big moment, but at that very moment, I got so ... No, I can't describe that feeling anymore. No more adjectives left now. But I must say it was awesome! MashAllah. =) I had decided I was not going to get nervous but... well, those who have experienced it know very well how it feels. And now I laugh at my awkward feeling. Haha. Us waqt to jaan nikli hui thi =D

Oh, and there are other funny stories related to the event =P But of course, I can't post them all over here. Because, that would make the post too lengthy then. Haha.

All in all, the ceremony went awesome-ish. Alhamdolillah. And I slept at 4 am last night.


*all smiles* =)



بہت بہت مبارکیں جی

hahah cant wait to read the make up incidents ;-)

very pretty dress MA and very pretty you both .. lots of loves and hugs :)

aur abhi engagement par yeh halat hay :P wait till u get married ;-)

Anonymous says:

LOLS :D dont worry i also cant believe it .... damnnnn :D u got engaged :D congrads....

he is holding your hand so delicately aaww its cute :P


Awww your hands and ur fiance's hands look sooooooooooooo cute MashAllah :D
Awesome-ish INDEED!
go girl!! ;)
May Allah blesses the couple with tons and tons of Happiness and health InshAllah :) Ameen sum Ameen

Cute!!! mubarakain!!! :)

Duffer: Thank you =)

Asma: Know what... nahi, I'd write a separate post on that whole story =D
Thankoo shweets *big hugs* <3

YWB: Lol. Thank you. And well, I'm speechless (and blushing) now =P

Tauqeer: =)

Nikki: lol. Thanks Nikki *blushes* =P
Loadsa thanks for such beautiful wishes and prayers =) *hugs* =)

NJ: Thankooooos =D

Many, many congratulations, Dinky sister!

Keep smiling. :)

congrats kaminee :P

Zahid says:

haha crazy u r keeping us involved :-P

Itni seedhi Kahani Aur Itni Durd-nak dramatic story ...

***MuBaRaKaIn G MuBaRaKaIn***

Array Wah!

what a fantastic news!hamay pata bhe nahi chala aur mithai bhe nahin! :(

Great news May God bless you and give you all happiness in life. Ameen

p.s: Feels sorry for the guy <:

Chumpoo says:

abay mera comment??

Saadat Bhai: Thank you =)

Ali: Mind your language dude =P Oh and why did she tell you out of all the people? Haan? =P

Zahid: That's what YOU think!

HighwayMan: Thank you and welcome to my blog =)

Absar: Thank you again =)

Chumpoo: I feel sorry for your wife =D
Oh and thank you so much for such nice wishes =)

Mabrook! share other stories and pics too!!!! aur UN ka ta'ruf bhi kara do kisi post mei!!!

Mubarkaan ji Mubarkaan....

Vividentity: Thank you and welcome to my blog =)

Jingo: Thank youu =)

Congrats and boht bohttt mubarak ho :D.. Duas for a really nice and blessed life Ameen!

Thank you Uni =D *hugs*

Anonymous says:


Thankooo shweets =) *hugs back*

vividentity is me HARRIS!!!

i don't know why is it using this profile.

Vivid: Oh now I remember it's you. Why is it showing this name? Edit your settings

Anonymous says:

Mubarakan Ji!!

Thankoo Specsies =)

Good luck for your future journey.

Thank you :)

گُفتار کا، نہ تکرار کا، نہ اظہار کا رشتہ
اُس جانِ وفا سے ہے، مر䕔ا اعتبار کا رشتہ
اِک دوست کا اِک دوست سے پاتر کا رشتہ
سمجھو تو بہت قابلِ تعظمم ہے لوگو
اِک دوست کا اِک دوست سے پاتر کا رشتہ

Shuaib says:

O no! Dinky got engaged. :( (Scratches yet another name from "the list")

Now you better take that as a tongue in cheek joke, don't go all mad on me. :P

Wait, that's it? Where are the other details? Who's the guy... how when where? C'mon, blog the girly gossip. LOL!

Congratz btw!

~Tariq: umm... thank you. Im sorry im not good at urdu poetry. And welcome to my blog :)

~Shuaib: Hahaha... You better search one for yourself now before you cross out all the names on "the list" :D
I cant disclose all the details here :) And Im planning to start another blog for the gossips :D
And thank you :)

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