Orientation Day =D

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The IBA people planned to keep the Orientation session on this blazing hot day - a perfect one to torment the new entrants! Reached there on time, found Maryem, and then got my attendance marked. Thanks to them, we were given a folder to use it as a shade. At 11:15 am, we left in those huge stuffy IBA buses for the HEJ Auditorium. I love that place. It was peacefully quiet and coool! I sat there pretending to be awake. First, Mr. Ahmed Zaheer came to address the students, followed by The Dean & Director, Mr. Ishrat Hussain. It was B.O.R.I.N.G! :/ But the fun part came when we were introduced to our potential proffies. One of them was Mr. Asad Ilyas. Yep, the same guy who taught us Remedial Accounting. His picture displayed over there was heck funny. He seemed all baffled in it! And had a funny looking french beard. Hahah =D But overall, he's a very smart and witty person.

Saw Sidrat Asim over there. Too bad, didn't get the chance to talk to her. Met Rabia Sameem too. She's a very nice person =) We'd be classmates, I suppose. =) When we were about to leave the HEJ Auditorium, we walked to the buses, but before we could climb any of the three buses, they all filled up with the speed of light! I suggested Maryem and Rabia to get on to the first one, cuz I saw 2-3 vacant seats in it. But lil Maryem didn't approve of it, and was searching for a place in the third, little coaster. Unfortunately, we couldn't even step into it because it was filled (and overflowing) with the male students. :/ So what happened was, all three buses started moving before our eyes and the three of us were left there doing Eenie meenie minei mo!!!! It was funny! :D Maryem started panicking, "Ab kia ho ga?" and all that. Rabia and I were kind of enjoying that funny situation. The guard who was standing over there called another coaster for the three of us! :D And in the meantime, I took out my camera and started taking silly shots in that sultry, debilitating afternoon. =D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: The picture above is of the City Campus. And this is my favorite wall in the whole City Campus =)



This reminds me I should take pics of my Uni too :P


Btw, nice walls :P

Lol. Thanks for liking the wall. Although the whole campus is made of red bricks, but this wall has something unusual about it. And it always attracts me stand and look at it for long! So mesmerizing! =$

I like the walls too ;)

Looks like its going to be quite fun ... *read fun as ragra ;)*

And this red wall looks gorgeous :)

all the best !

sounds great
if rabia ji(Rabia Sameem) is going to be your class mate
i am sure you gonna have real fun
she is a great person indeed
luv her ...

Haseeb says:

Sorry! Two days Back i dunno from some where or maybe from no where i entered ur personal Blog.Another thing that i did was that i almost read all of your posts,truly amazed by ur blog,...:)...it seems that u have been blogging since the time ur were only 10.

~Qurrat: Thankooo =D

~Asma: Abhi to ragra shuru nahi hua :p

~Ash: She's really a very berry sweet person =)

~Haseeb: Thanks for liking the posts =) And yeah, I'm the youngest blogger of old times :P
Oh, and welcome to my blog =)

hahah I remeber that 1990 date tagging ;)

If you were 10 then .. does it mean u are about to touch 30 :O OMG

Who said I was 10 then? :P
I'm 10 now! To me, being young at heart defines your age :P
How old are you, Asma googloo? :P

This is awessome news :-) Have a great time, IBA is a nice place! many congrats!

Thankoo Kamran =)

Nice capture. It was in the bedrock of this red bricked wall, I located my muses.

This wall, in particular, attracted me the most!
And hey, welcome to my blog =) Enjoy reading.

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