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These days I'm going all mad about food. I try new recipes almost 3-4 days a week. And I love them all!!! Maybe I'm becoming a good cook. I remember when my sister got married, Momma used to get so worried about how would I handle the kitchen - I just knew how to make omelette and paratha. And that precisely meant I knew how to fill my tummy only! Now, Alhamdolillah I have learned how to satisfy other people's hunger. And Momma beams with joy when I ask her to taste my dishes and give an honest opinion :P

Phuppo and Sana were expected to come yesterday, so I decided to make the most awaited Doughnuts and Garlic knots! =D Sana and I loooovvvveeeedddd the doughnuts and Momma and others luhved Garlicky knots!

And here are the garlic knots and doughnut delights =D

Ramadan is near, and if I don't stop eating like a mad woman, I'd be having a difficult time in that month =(

Prayers pwease =(



Recipe for the garlic knots!
I'll ask my ami to make it. *BEAMS*


And I love how you say "momma". Sounds so cute! :D

thes egarlic knots .. they looooooooooooook devouring .. scrumptous and what not .. share the recipe girl ... an ur hubby would go fat in BOOOM time :P

These are so tempting... I was suppose to see them after lunch, now what should I do...

Ooooh! I guess the problem of learning new things after ur marriage won't arise for you.. You already know everything!!! Damn you :(

And heyyy I just noticed! You started blogging right from 1990???? MY GOD! :-o

Uh, an hour ago, this post was not here :o

I was only on FB!

i wish i had a khanjar and could murder you, or atleast kidnap you and make you bake for me daily.... =/

*plans kidnapping*

~Qurrat: Oh sure :P Send me your e-mail addy and I'd mail it to you =)

~Asma: Awww, thanks for liking =) Mail me your e-mail ID =) This time you will get the recipe InshAllah :P

~Nabeel: Keep on looking at them till the lunch is served :P And welcome to my blog =)

~Dhanya: Hahaha, I knowwww :P
And that 1990 is all by mistake, and I don't get time to delete that duplicate post with a wrong date :P

~Siras: It must have been, no? *raises eyebrow*

~Ubaid: Lol. And then I'd pretend I don't know your language :P

No. no, it was not, I tell you so. Double celebration was the latest one, reallllly!


As if u dont know my mail id :O

~Siras: Achawww? There must have been some problem then :$

~Asma: Mailedddd :P

you evil person... phir se donuts. Im gonna have to stop visiting this blog in ramadhan....=/

~Brok3n: Phir se kahan? Ab first time to banai hein :$
Aur ramadhan mein I'm going to try even more new dishes. Do visit :P

i want someeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

give me da recip i think i am gona try makin them

nayi post nahi ayi baray dino say :P

I don't like dounts :S but badly need recipe for the garlic knoty

Looks delicious :D

Anonymous says:

I Love chocolate donuts...I hope you would have enjoyed .... :)
Can you give me reciepe

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