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As a mother and daughter,
we have a special relationship
that hasn't happened overnight --
it's come through years
of learning, sharing...growing.
I know there have been
times in my life
when I had trouble accepting
the things you were trying
to teach me...
...when I thought you were being
too strict or old-fashioned...
when I thought
you didn't understand.
But I've come to realise
that you understood
all along...
that you were guiding me,
not only with motherly love,
but with your experience
as a woman.

Now I feel so much closer to you.
And more and more
I find new ways
to relate to you...
new feelings to share.
We have so much
in common,
as women...as friends,
and so much
to look forward to
in the years ahead.
Because of all the ways
you've cared,
I know I'm a better person...
I know I'm better prepared
for whatever
life has to offer.

That's the card I made for my Sooper Mom =)

I usually keep cards in my mom's room, lounge, kitchen at night. So yesterday, I finished making this card at 2 am. And kept it in the lounge. Momma Dear loved it so much =) Thanks to me who had to eat all those pistachios in this hot weather, and is now waiting for those silly pimples to pop up on my dinosaur-thick skin =( But I enjoyed every second of making this card!! =) [Glue-gun rules!!] =P Some day I'd post all the cards that I made on the yester- Mother's Day and on her birthdays. =)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: And this txt msg was sent by my bro to ammi:
"When I came home in the rain,
brother asked why you didn't take an umbrella.
Sister advised why you didn't wait till rain stopped.
Father angrily warned, only after getting cold will you realize?
But Mother, while drying my hair, said,
'Stupid rain!! Couldn't it wait till my child came home?"




Not to spoil the occasion for you or anything, but I just don't get the idea of these days. I'm not going for that mothers-should-be-appreciated-all-year-round crap. I mean, they should, but that doesn't make for anything special. If you want to celebrate, celebrate something that actually has an association with your mother. Her birthday, her anniversary, they day she got her first job. Your birthday. Any date that matters to her. Not a day some guy picked out randomly on a calendar.

Absar: Thanks =)

We celebrate her birthdays too, and I always strive to make everyday special for her. But on Mother's Day, mothers do expect something from their children too, so I always give her a hand-made card and cakes and, oh well, how can I forget the hugs :D She deserves our love everyday, and a lil more love on this Mother's Day =)

so sweet of you!!!
by the way if you had slept so late...
how you managed to wake up so early...
sleepy head =D

~Jingoist: I slept around 3:30 am, and was up at 9 am =) I'm a silly weirdo, I know that :D

aunty ko makhan lagaying?

~Acro: Ammi doesn't like makhan. It's fattening :P

Im stealing that text..even though its not mothers day here in the UK but its too cute to miss =p

i made a better card lalalalal ... lalalal ... infact i wrote an awesome poem lalalalala laalalal... :p

just kidding this is so nice and sweet !!

~Brok3n: Lol. Okie. Even I stole it from somewhere too =P

~Ubaid: Lol. I'm gonna steal your card idea and poem for the next year then :P

Dinky Siddiqi,
I don;t believe in crap like X-day(Where X ranges from Valentine' day to Hubby day(if there is one!) ) but I pray that Allah keeps your mother healthy safe from all problems and keep giving you support all the time. God bless you and your mother and ... every mother on earth.ameen

Prayers for her always ... and the card looked made up of coffee beans :D

Loved the bro's sms :>

~Adnan: Oh well, I do! That actually gives us a chance to do something special for her. And I like it!

~Asma: Lol. Coffee beans aren't so light colored :D

this is cute.


dinko update am bored :(

PS: was that mean?

PPS: or rude?

~Huda: Thankoo =) And welcome to my blog =)

~Acro: Updating. Intezaar fermaiay :P

Adnan says:

I do not need excuses like Mothers Day to express my love for my mom

~Adnan: I'm different. I make extra things on this day to make her feel more special =)

did you see the card and poem which i made ?

Awww. that is really sweet of you.

Adnan says:

extra things like?? Jali hui roti and daal? :D

~Ubaid: Oh jes jes, I did. And that is so cute =)

~Ahmer: Thank you =)

~Adnan: I don't know how to make jali hui roti and daal :$

Kitni baar welcome karna haii =P

*face palms*

~Huda: Acha? Then I take my welcome back :P Aap ki blog protected hay na, is liay I always forget =( Sowwie =(


It's all good =)

Bas yeh 'ghustaaaki' ab mat karay ga =P LOLLLLLLL!

~Huda: H-U-D-A. Huda! Naam yaad ho gaya! Yayyy :D

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