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I stopped drinking milk when I ran out of Ovaltine. My worried Momma gave me yet another new idea today. [She really thinks of a million different ways to make me drink milk]. She said I should drink Kasturi Milk from now on. Since I love almonds like anything, she said that I should try making it. Take a mug of milk, heat it up, add sugar, chopped almonds, chopped pistachios, chopped cashewnuts, 2-3 threads of saffron. Mix well. And gulp it! :P I added an extra thing to my recipe: 6-7 rose petals fresh from our lawn =) And that milk tasted sooo well! Ahhhh, Je l'aime. Do try it.

Too bad I didn't take a picture of it, and can't even find a proper one on Google Images :(

And hey, I made pizza and my trademark salad yesterday. The topping was so so scrumptious. :D Yumm, yumm, yumm. :P

Yep, our pizza pan is a huge one! It's actually designed for Burekh - a Turkish dish (which I love THE most) :D

Awight, enough for today.

Cheerio folks =)



itnee mehnat for a glass of milk :P, get bournvita ;P

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pizza looks so nice :'( :'(

That looks delicious! =D Where's my slice? :P

And btw the reader doesn't read any posts from your blog except of 5 months ago!!!

Do check into it!

Anonymous says:

~Acro: Itni mehnat was for the taste :P
next time i'd send you the pizza ;)

~Siras: Ummm, in my tummy :P
Yeah, I've to fix a lot of things :(

Geeee, that top commenters gadget is so alluring. :P

So you are saying you can actually cook? You sure you didn't get that pizza from somewhere else? :P

Anonymous says:

acha is ko kastori milk kahtay hain. I used to have it in childhood and I always called it "badam wala doodh".

thanks for increasing my ki-noldge.

Anonymous says:

~Shuaib: Lol :P Haww, me didn't get it from somewhere. I made it! :D

~Chumpoo: Kasturi actually Saffron ko kehtay hein. So, because this recipe had saffron, it becomes Kasturi milk :)

Anonymous says:

woah must be a real treat having that kasturi milk! me gonna try that too! =) and heyy nice blog theme!

Anonymous says:

~Kamran: Thankoo :) And do try it. It's really really berry tasty

so itnee mehnat daily :O :O? and want my pizza quick :P

Anonymous says:

Salam Jee

well i dont drink Milk in any way ... but after reading your "tareeqa" I at least try 'but only one sip'

and PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA really i wish i can taste Home Made Pizza :(


Anonymous says:

~Acro: Nae, itni bhee mehnat nae :p

~YouTee: Did you try it?

Anonymous says:

ah that pizza's looking so tasty..too bad you didn't take any pictures of it..enjoy kasturi milk:P

~An Illusion: Thankoo :) Next time I make it, I'd take a picture for sure :)

Anonymous says:

no not yet .. 'kon banakay deyga :('


Anonymous says:

Lol. Ask your Mom or sister :)

excellent - hope it was delicious as well.

Anonymous says:

~gh: It was awesome-ish :)

Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa looks delicious....

~Ahmer: Oh yeah, it tastes delicious as well :P And welcome to my blog :)

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