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I want to cook something different for dinner tonight. Suggest moi please. :(



Chumpoo The Great says:

machli(fish) kay PAYE k baray me kiya khyal hay?

Baingan ka bharta. :P

~Chumpoo: I'm sure they'd be great :P Aur sweet dish mei kia ho? :D

~Shuaib: Lol. Aur kuch? :P

Pata nai. Kuch bhi bana lo, and send me my share.

Aray wah. Help bhee nae ki aur share bhee chahiay. Aisay thori chalta hay

Chumpoo says:

Dinky: Karayla ka Halwa

Sara ka sara I'd send you! :P

Btw, have you ever tried nimboli? :P Once my Momma made me eat them with a kg of sugar. Even after that they were karwi kasaili :P

Ok, so this post of yours reminded me something. Check out my blog. :P

Chumpoo says:

well.. i never heard this name before. ab tum kush hogi k mujhe kuch pata wata nahi hay :-)

Sara ka sara I'd send you! :P

Why me? waisay bhee I would prefer to eat unhygienic food rather than something by you :)

Aaah.. pasta? I learnt how to make a new kind of pasta today.. haven't tried it yet though!

~Shuaib: Checking out :D

~Chumpoo: Have you seen Neem ka darakht? Us per hoti hein.
Oh really? Define "unhygienic" :p I hope you don't eat tandoori rotiyaan kneaded in sweat! *blukh!*

*turns around and vomits*

But if you still prefer such unhygienic food, then salute your himmat! :P

~Siras: Send me the recipe :P

Chumpoo says:

Have you seen Neem ka darakht? Us per hoti hein

neem k darakht par tu churalain hoti hain. You eat them? :P

*sighs* It seems you've never seen a Neem a darakht

Chumpoo says:

dinky apna jumlay par ghor karo.

Neem ka darakht? Us per hoti hein


~Chumpoo: Har cheez ka koi aik matlab nae hota

Chumpoo says:

ye b hay

waise mey ne neem ka darakh hazar baar dekha hay. agar shak he tu apne bachpan ki tasweer bhejo jis me raat k waqt shakh par betha huwa houn? :-)

lol. Kia baat ker di. I like it :P

take carrot, capsicum cauliflower chop them up boil them for about a minute, in the same water add pasta and cook till pasta is made.
Then drain the water.
Take boneless chicken shred it (you can even use tuna if you like it). Add 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
Then add this to the pasta and veggies. Mix well.
Now you can add red kidney beans into the pasta. I don't like it in the pasta so I don't use it.

Done! =)

Oh yeah salt pepper to taste! :P

pretty simple siras :D
thanks for sharing
i will try and let you knw soon ;)

I am bit late dinky but you can try vege jalfrazzi with butter rice
and gajar ka halwa in meetha :D

waisey ye BELT kub sey hathyar hu gaya ??

sorry for the wrong comment..

what actually did you cook ??

~Siras: Thanks for the recipe. Will surely try it and let you know :)
Lol at the "salt and pepper" comment :D I wouldn't have added if you had forgotten to mention :P

~Ash: Butter rice? Oooo...sound delicious. Send me the recipe ;)

~Jingo: I made veggie koftay and brownies :D

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