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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 in ,
Check this out. So cute :D

and this one is just the best :D

Lol :D



LOL!!!!!!!! Anything for McDonalds :P

Lol. Yeah :D

_Kreyszig says:

That old lady's smile in the first commercial is horrible!

Yeah, but I like the concept :D

Chumpoo says:

Amma, is this you in first video?

_Kreyszig says:

Oops, sorry. It wasn't a commercial... just an antiboredom video. :P

~Chumpoo: Amma kon? :O

~Kreyszig: And it was fun :P

Aray wah! Aik to help bhee nahi ki, aur share bhee chahiay. :P

Argh! Comment got posted on the wrong page :/

chumpoo says:

Dinky, sorry I mean Ema. :>

Chumpoo says:

never mind

"Ema" sounds like "Amma" :D

Nooooo. It doesn't!

ye sub to acha hai!!
but Ma`m the addition of two videos really has affected your RSS Feed :)

you gotta fix that for the subscribers :)

JIngo: Ufff, kia yaad dila dia :( :P
I know I have to fix it and I want somebody's assistance for that. You know I'm not a tech geek, and fixing this thing is surely a hell big task for me. *sigh*

impressive concept ...

Yeah! :D

nice concept :)
and keep posting these type pf videos


Thanks for liking it :)

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