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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, February 25, 2008 in ,
I've taken Finance as my majors and the course we're studying this semester is "Derivative Investment". Concentrating on idiotic derivatives for 3 hours straight is a harsh punishment I suffer from every Friday, 6 pm to 9 pm! I have studied Derivatives a year ago too, but that was just an overview. Now, we're studying in depth. Ritz knows how much I detest this 3-hour class and how much I try and fail to concentrate in this course. But not anymore! I got the book of Derivatives today. It isn't as boring as I thought of it to be. I started reading it like those kids who get happy on getting a new story book. Did I tell you we've got 2 quizzes tomorrow? Well, we do. To be honest, I haven't started reading a word of them because, firstly, I forgot, and secondly, I was enjoying reading Derivatives. And then Ritz reminded me of the quizzes at 10 pm:

Ritz: "Done with Ethics's and OPM's prep?"
Me: *confused "Im sorry?"
Ritz: "There's a quiz tomorrw!!!"
Me: *dinky mind starts working* "Oh, I forgot :$"
Ritz: *shocked* "You WHAT???"
Me: "I'm sorry, I was studying Finance. It's so interesting. I've fallen in love with Derivatives!!"
Ritz: "Marry them!!! "
Me: "All 4? Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps?"
Ritz: "Check the Options, and marry Futures in Forwards. Later you can Swap!"
Me: "Thanks" :)

Cheerio folks!!!

P.S.: Pray for the quizzes please



well in ma 3 hr class i sleep in the first half n in da 2nd half i try to catch up with things hehehehe

btw where hav ya been han its been long long time i didnt talk to ya
hope allz well @ ur end

Absar says:

Why does "I like..." sentences always end up with marriage jokes? :P

~Khawab: we dont get a chance to sleep na... :(

~Absar: It's Ritz's favourite line. I'm still somewhat wise, else I would've been married 40,000 times (including pencils and mountains and USBs)!!! :/

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