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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, February 16, 2008 in ,
I have been tagged by Ahmed Mujtaba.
The rules of this tagging game are,
1, Get a grab of a book near you( but it should be at least 123+ pages)
2, Get to the 123rd page.
3, Grab the 5th line.
4, Add the next 3 lines to your post.
5, Then tag any 5 bloggers.

The book I've got with me is "The New Silk Flower Book - Making Stylish Arrangements, Wreaths, Decorations".

The 5th line and onwards say:

"To make the clay pocket, use a rolling pin to roll out pink oven-bake clay to a 1/4- inch (.5 cm) thickness. Arrange pieces of lace (the more open the...."

I'd like to tag:


Cheerio folks =)



I've arranged pieces of lace... now what? :P You could you've modified the rules according to your liking and posted three sentences instead! :P

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