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I've had a busy day and now I've to make the introductory part of our report before I even think of sleeping. Mommmyyyyy..... :( *yawns*

And I have to study for 4 quizzes expected in the coming week. And it's Sunday today - my working day! I've to iron my clothes for the week, clean up my room, meet the Sunday-guests, baby-sit their kids, and most of all, wake up early to help Mommese make breakfast...and I'm still awake!!! :(

*starts jumping in anger, falls on bed and sleeps*

*opens an eye* Cheerio folks!!




Ahh sentiments shared :-)

Are you better now?

Absar says:

Isi kaam ke liye aik achi se behn ya bhabi honi chahiye taake all your clothes are ironed :P

~Asma: I don't share my sentiments :P Its just that sometimes soemthings annoy me a lot and I don't know what to do ;)

~Absar: Behen bhee hain aur bhabi bhee, but why should I ask them to do my works when I can do them myself :P They busy like me too na *sniffs*

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