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This time my result isn't "Re[in]sult".

I was comfortably curled up in my bed, when this friend of mine called up and asked, "So, did you beat me or did I beat you?"

Me: *sleepy* "Means?"
He: "Helloooo....Result's out!!!"
Me: "ooooo....what did you get?"
He: *happily* "3.42" [or was it 3.4? whateva...]
Me: "woah!!! great!!!"
He: "Tell me yours"
Me: "Didn't check. I'm sleepy"
He: "Get up and check now"
Me: *aarrrggghhhh* "I don't want to spoil my mood"
He: "Get up I say, and check!!!!"
Me: *irritated* "WHATEVAAA"

*hang up*

Turned on the PC, connected, checked the site, entered my enroll number and I got 3.75! Got 3 As and 3 B+s

A in Managerial Accounting, Analysis of Pakistani Industry, and Managerial Economics
B+ in HRM, Logic, and E-commerce :(

My friends often say, "If Adam Smith is the father of Economics, then Umem is the mother of Adam Smith" :P

Cheerio folks =)

PS.: Thanks to all those who prayed for me :) May Allah reward you. Amen :)



congratulations umema! (A)mema!

unaiza nasim says:

hey! congrats girl....


3.75 Rox ... how're u feeling?? Jumping?

Shuaib says:

Man O man! Now I know why Dinky Mind ain't in blogging scene much. She has transformed into a nerd.

~Harris: Thankyou :) Lolz @ Amema :P

~Unaiza: Thankyou so much :)

~Asma: I literally screamed!!! :$

~Shuaib: Dinky doesn't like studying, it's just her luck that she gets good grades :)

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