O My God

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, April 04, 2005 in
Red Bull: I shouldn't have tried this idiotic thing! *Takes the can out of the bin and reads the ingredients*
Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Acidifier Sodium Citrates (ee..what?), Carbon dioxide (the same that's found in cigs? yuck!), Taurine (0.4%)(This had great effect on me. I became a bull), Glucuronolactone (0.24%), Caffeine (0.03%), Inosital (jee??), Vitamins (Niacin, Panthothenic Acid, B6, B12), Flavourings (uh, which ones?), Colours (Caramel, Riboflavin).
I wish it had nothing but water!

Papai Azam: Pope John Paul II has expired last night. Inna Lillah..... Full story by CNN.

Parwaz: It's not something about Parwaz fan. It's a book by Shafiq-ur-Rehman. A humorous one, infact. And I love this book. It has got the funniest chapters in it. If you get hold of this book ever in your life, do read Takia Kalaam. =)

Happy Birthday: Sweet Faizeee... May you have many more!!!! :o)



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