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This is supposed to be yesterday's post. I wanted to update, but my stupid blogger wasn't working properly.

Today I ate a fruit by the name of Custard Apple. This Custard Apple is also known as Sharifa, here in Pakistan. According to my Mommese (and I also remember a bit) we used to have a tree of this fruit in our house (some 14-15 years ago). Weird that I have such a strong memory, but more weird is that I have never tasted this fruit! Never at my old residence (where we had the tree), and never after that. Today, my brother brought this thing home, and at night we decided to eat it. So, my Mommese asked me to bring it. I asked foolishly, "Ummm, do I need to wash it and..." (The rest you need not to know). Upon hearing that, she said sarcastically, "Yes beta, bring a big knife with it, the one with which we cut meat (bughda)". I knew she was being sarcastic, so I went downstairs, placed the Custard Apple in a dish (without washing it), and also placed a (chopping) knife beside the fruit. Terrified, I went upstairs, kept the dish carefully infront of her, and started staring at that green fruit. When Mommese saw that, she just slapped her forehead, and looked at me with questioning eyes. I gave a goofy smile and confessed, "Yes, I haven't washed them. I...I am going". Before I could grab the dish, she said, "No, you need not to go anywhere". Then she opened the fruit with her hands, and gave it to us. "My God, so that's how you open this thing. And hey, it is so different from inside", I murmured. Actually, I thought that this thing must be somewhat similar to kiwi fruit. But NO. Anyway, it was not bad. Infact, yummy!

Now, coming to Today's news!

Some 15 minutes ago, I came back home after attending my class. Today, one more student was admitted in our class. So now, we are 3. Me, Ma'am Manahil (the new student, must be in her late 20s) and Mr. Yusuf (he must be 40+). Our teacher makes some mistakes in writing and pronunciation too. Once, when he walked out of the class, Monsieur Yusuf said to me,"Beta, dont mind. He's a bit absent minded". At that moment I couldn't keep my face straight. He said so becuase at some words, both of us would correct him (the teacher).

Yeah, another news. Today, when we all were in the kitchen, I tried to kick my lil brother. (That's very normal). But then, what that clever boy did. He moved to his right, and Gosh, I slipped (on our newly polished floor) and 'dham'. I was down on the floor, screaming. My right leg is still aching!

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