Mobile phone messaging is sometimes.....not good!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 13, 2004 in ,
"Just go to hell !!"

'Excuse me', I thought when I read this message. This message was sent to me by my sista some half hour ago. At that time, I was sitting in the lounge watching TV, and she was in her room, preparing to sleep. 'Probably the light is bothering her', I mumbled. But when I glanced to my left, I saw the door closed. 'Why is she asking me to go to hell when I haven't done anything wrong. We didn't even fight today. The light's also not bothering her. Then why the hell should I go to hell? Errrr....' I was about to get up, walk toward her room, and ask her 'Whats your problem?', when I decided to press the 'down' key. The screen revealed, "Yes, you!". 'Gosh, she's very angry. But why?' My Dinky Mind was trying to work fast. When I again pressed the 'down' key, I read "U only! ". At once I got that. My face which was locked in a scowl suddenly changed into a clown-like face.
Then, as I pressed the 'down' key, the whole message revealed. It then said, "I just thought of it..."
Another 'down',"Because only you can change hell into heaven by your sweetness!!!"
Gosh! I walked toward her room, opened the door, and said, "Well, thanks!" with a big smile!

A forwarded message it was! :D

p.s.: I have made some changes in Bint-e-Muslimah. Check them out! A lot more to add there!



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