Enough of it!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 20, 2004 in
I am sick and tired of this university admission thingy. I don't know why this 'equivalence' stuff is needed everywhere. I don't have an 'equivalence' and I am not going to get one! All right!?! Why don't these universitites accept my GCE grades? Urgh! To have an equivalence means to send original certificates to Isloo. Uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
First of all why don't they open admission in spring, too? Why only and only fall? I have to get in L'ecole. Now this seems a very straight statement, but NO. L'ecole admit students in fall semester only, which is a nice way of saying "Girl, wait another 7-8 months". And what the hell am I going to do in this time period? I have done my specialistion now. Yes, SPECIALISATION!!! Specialisation in wasting time, specialisation in making my ownself a perfect schmuck.
I haven't given my SAT or TOEFL, or any such thing. And I don't even plan to appear in it. So, there's no chance of me going abroad for studies.
Only Bahria and PAF KIET are offering admissions. Bahria needs equivalence, and KIET doesn't. But will I be able to get in KIET? Furthermore, KIET is on the next corner of Karachi.

Now, I often ask myself a question. Why did I complete my A L seven months before time? But then, the answer to this question pops up very quickly. 'There are certain reasons. You won't understand'.

Somebody please say me "Cheerio".



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