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On Monday, I went to drop Daddy dear at the hospital for his regular checkup. Then went to uni, attended two hours of my 3-hour class (8:30 to 11:30) and went to pick Dad. On the way back, we went to CSD for some grocery shopping. It took us an hour there. And seriously that place is so congested. Although it is better than Imtiaz II (where you feel the shelves will fall on your head) but since I was feeling flu-ish, my head started aching again :/ I was about to faint. The air conditioning system wasn't working, so it was hell hot inside. We finally got out of there and reached home around 12:30. Had a class at 12:30, but skipped it. Fortunately our boring proffy was absent too. Had a class at 1:30. Skipped that too. And went to sleep around 1. Asked Ritz to wake me up at 2 for my majors class (2:30 to 5:30), but she woke me up at 2:20. I was having fever when I got up, so I decided to skip my Portfolio class too. And again fortunately, there was guest speaker session that day. What a relief! I'm glad I fell ill on the right day :P

And today, I'm having flu, fever, cough, headache and now a never ending series of hiccups and sneezes.

People say you get hiccups when someone is missing you. SE says you get sneezes when someone misses you. I say you get hiccups and sneezes when you're ill. :/

Stop missing me pwease. These hiccups are really very irritating. :/

And prayers needed.

Adios amigos

PS: We're having a lawn being made at the back of our house and it's so refreshing. I love lawns. We had one at NHS too, but it was too difficult to maintain that and so it was cemented although I protested the most [but who listens? :( ] Anyways, this lawn is almost 3 times the size of our NHS lawn. So, me is berry happy :D



Anonymous says:

Get well soon, Dinky sister. Whoever that is who is missing you seems to be missing you a lot.

I never get hiccups when I have a flu or fever, though. It's weird. :/

Your lawn seems cool. Just make sure you don't destroy the grass. :D

panadol CF

~Saadat: Thankoo Saadat bhai. Yesterday I had 3 half-hour long episodes of hiccups :/
Yup, yup, lawn will be a heaven once it gets all decorated :D

~F@dz: *coughs* Thanks :) I was on calpol ab tak :D

Anonymous says:

Get well soon, people must be missing their daily laughs. :P

You lived in NHS? That's Naval Housing Scheme, isn't it?

~Sawj: No, they're happy as I stay quiet now :/ Nobody wants to hear a 'buddhi-amma' type awaz :/

Yup, I lived in NHS. And I miss that place badly :( Someday we'd return there again, InshAllah.

Anonymous says:

Buddhi amma?

NHS is cool. My friend lived there and we used to play basketball. Now he's is London.

Your dad's a Navy guy then?

ab tak? OMG u need 2 panadol CF then

~SAWJ: Yeah, there was just one basketball court over there, and there used to be guys over there 24x7 :/
Yep, my dad's a navy guy, and my bro is a navy guy too :)

~F@dz: Ab tak as in last week se ab tak sirf aik dafa aik tablet khai thi calpol ki :) And I won't mind eating medicines if they are choco-flavored :) Ahhh....

then u must go for m n m's cf

Anonymous says:

Aww ... are you doing better now? get well soon dear .. eat some chocs ;)

LOLZ @ ur dad and bro being navy guys .. is it a dhamki? ;P

~F@dz: Not a bad idea. I wish there really were M&Ms CnF :D

~Asma: Does that sound like a dhamki? :P I usually don't dhamkofy people with a smile :D

Send some chocs and I'd be better again ;)

Anonymous says:

what flavors dear =P

~Asma: Strawberry :P

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