Winter Wonderland

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O winter, king of intimate delights,
Fire-side enjoyments, home-born happiness,
And all the comforts that the lowly roof
Of undisturb'd retirement, and the hours
Of long uninterrupted ev'ning, know.

[William Cowper, The Task]

Winters are almost here. And I don't like them. I don't like to wrap the blanket around myself or wear gloves and wollen mozay all the time. And I don't like dipping myself in a reservoir of moisturizer. I don't like my static hair. I don't like eating too many dry fruits and then counting pimples. I don't like when mosquitoes fly in my blanket because the poor souls feel cold too [and then evil them dance and bite in the middle of my foot!!! Damn that tilmilahat!]. Winters make me feel more lethargic. The long nights are one thing I detest the most. I wake up some thirty times between 11 pm and 7 am (because I sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon. Hehe). I don't like wearing half a dozen sweaters and look fat.

Everything seems to slow down in winters - including the clocks! Even the sense of humor of some people dries out! :/

Summers are a joy! Rainfall, flowers, sunshine...Ahhh!!! :)

Mish you, Summers :(



Anonymous says:

I love winter. Sue me. :P

Anonymous says:

ROFL :o)

woolen socks in karachi? kasmay?

Come to Isloo sweetie .. I heart winters :)

~Saadat bhai: Nae jee, you're not the only one :)

~Asma: Yup, sardi bata ker nahi aati yahan :D

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