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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, August 15, 2008 in ,
Momma's birthday is just 6 days away, and I need to buy her a gift. Dinky Mind can't come up with any good idea :( Please help her out.

And pray she gets time to make a card ( on this weekend) and bake a cake on her birthday (I'm planning on going home early on Thursday) . Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

something that never reminds her of you :P
**thinking thinking**


That would be....ummm...nothing! :D

Think again pweaseeee

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i think the best gift would be "Be with her for that whole day"

Anonymous says:

taakay she cries out loud :P

No dinkum do that no.

Why not give her a treat some place out and buy her some jewelery or shoes or some bag :S

:S short of ideas ...!

Anonymous says:

Hmm..i guess 'am a little late but if u want to go for something common it cud be nething ranging from a nice handbag to a perfume or a watch. If you want to deviate from this common stuff..may be u can gift her a digital Quran or something like that :)

Happy Birthday to your mom :)

~Ali Raza: Lol...She wouldn't like that at all :D I tungofy her a lot! :D

~Asma: Yep, will do something like that...i was in search of some creative ideas...and I don't even know what those creative ideas should be :D

~Fariha: Aww, you aren't late. Her birthday is on 21st Auggie :) Digital Quran is a good one. Will search for sure :)

so wat was the gift afterall?

and how was muffin cake ;)? emo

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