People, grow up!!! Or should I?

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Sometimes this thing pisses me off and sometimes (just sometimes) it makes me smile.
Just yesterday, I was driving back home when I got stuck in a traffic jam on this busy Shahra-e-Faisal. There were a few motorbikes walas near me. One of them said to his friend, “Ye ghar walay chotay bachoun ko kaisay gaari chalanay dey detay hein?” and then laughed loudly. This infuriated me so much, I turned and glared him (although I’m always advised to ignore such *beeps*). Another bike wala, who was at a little distance from this *beep* one, looked at him and said, “badtameezi ki bhee koi inteha hoti hay”. And thankfully, in the meanwhile, the cars started moving and I raced quickly towards my destination.

Another such incident also happened yesterday. There were three teenage boys trying to cross this same busy Shahra-e-Faisal, when one of them (who looked Sudani/ Makrani), tried to peer in my car for a few seconds, to make sure he wasn’t looking in an un(wo)manned car, then he nudged his other two friends and as I passed by him, I overheard him saying, “Oh look at that miniature!!!” I’m now thinking of giving up my desire to enjoy the nice evening weather and slide the window up to save myself from such comments. [That wouldn’t be of much help either – people can’t stop staring at the tiny thing in my car] :/

When I started taking my car to the uni, my friends used to say, “Ye itna bara jahaaz tum chalati ho?” I don’t think Corolla is that big a car, and neither am I a tiny tot! They shouldn’t say like that. It just shatters my desire of driving a Hummer. :P

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Maybe you should grow a moustache or beard...

Anonymous says:

heheh...no need worrying...people come people go....they will pass comments at pretty much anything...

enjoy the drive...thank for the blessings...not many people can drive a corolla in this world you know...CHILL!!

lol run your corolla over them next time... koi kuch nahin kahay ga!

oh but you'll get the wheels messy :P

~SAWJ: I would look more like an alien... :( Another idea please :D

~UTP: Yup, yeh bhee hay...and probably that's why they pass such comments :$

~Hina: Lol! They are usually bulky people. Lagay ga speed breaker pe se guzar gai :P

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Anonymous says:

I hate the hummer though...stupid waste of money...

Anonymous says:

Feels really angry when people treat like that. Umem, just forget about them, its just a test from GOD to teat your patience. I heard it somewhere, "God only give hardship to those people, whom HE likes, and only enough hardship that you can bare". And "HE only lets you get treated in this world the same way you treat others".

I am sure that God is not taking revenge from you for treating someone badly (have you ever?), HE is just testing you.

So Chill!!!

~Harris: Aray aray, delete kyun ker dia? ;)

~UTP: Let me drive it once, then I'd say the same :P

~Foody: Thanks :)

~Harris: Smile ker he na doun mein kahein :D if you had been a larki, phir poochti ;)

awwwwww, keep a German shepherd in ur car :P that will keep everyone away, lol ye na hoo kay tum bhee away hojao car say :P

~Acro: Lol. Only if people could get scared of dogs that are strapped inside the car :D

lol ok chalo tiger rakh loo :P, woh tu garee kay ander bhee hoo tu people will be scared

~Acro: Who would push that big think inside? :P

ofcourse u , the strongest :P

~Acro: Even a cub is heavy, and you want me to push a biggie tiger? Send me spinach - dhair sari :D

spinach is not good for dinky mind ;)

Anonymous says:

I was about to say what Hinzy dear already suggested =P

So u r tiny? :P

~Acro: Yep yep..Dinky Mind doesn't even like spinachos ;)

~Asma: I am....just like you :D

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