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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, July 25, 2008 in ,
If my sister and I have one sister each, how many sisters do we each have?

1) 4
2) ammi se pooch kar bataonga
3) forgot to bring my calculator
4) question tooooo personal



Anonymous says:

3 cuz I m a guy.

How's this for a question?

Who make these questions?
a) People with a lot of time to spare.
b) people who can actually answer such questions.
c) Complete nuts.
d) All of the above.

~Safiullah: I was talking about myself, not you! :D So you actually had to answer 'how many sisters do I have' :) Try again now :)

Anonymous says:

You obviously haven't seen the pathan post on my blog.

Anonymous says:

where do you get these questions?



ummm 2 :$?

you each have one sister, you just said that!

ammi se pooch kar bataya hai!

Anonymous says:

Each of you has one sister, and that makes a total of four. :)

Apologies for replying late to the gender question down there... :)

Thankfully, chotey bhai had me all covered while I was MIA.

~SAWJ: Now I have :D

~Foody: Internet.

~Tazeen: Welcome to my blog, Tazeen =) And thanks for liking it :)

~Acro: You've cheated! You can't be that genius! :P

~Harris: Moi did? :$

~Knicq bhai: Haha...Your urdu/pahari/potohari might be good, but not your math isn't! :P Acro has given the right answer. And Harris has given half right answer :P

Oh, tension not. I was just reading that comment. :D

Anonymous says:

Financial calculator nahi mil raha mujhay =\

i deeeeeeeeed not i am genia-- :P

~Asma: Uffooo...kabhi to cheezain sambhaal ker rakh lia karo :P

~Acro: Should I complete the word? :P

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