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Today I saw this thela-wala, pushing his falooda cart, and on it was written:

کیوں کھڑا ھے پریشان
فالودہ پی میری جان

And it reminded me of all the funny stuff that I'd read on shops, trucks, rickshaws and walls.

نچ بڑے شوق سے

ادھار اگلی چوک سے

اف باجی ، رکشہ گئی

کوئی جل گیا، کسی نے دعا دی

جلنے والے کا منہ کالا

قسمت آزما چکا، مقدر آزما رھا ھوں

ایک بے وفا کی خاطر رکشہ چلا رھا ھوں

مست نگاھوں کو سلام

ِجِنے اپنی ماں نوں ستایا

انے ساری عمر رکشہ ھی چلایا

ُفُلّی ایر کنڈیشنڈ

آخری گولی

پائلٹ سیٹ

مِس کال

[I even took the picture of that "Aakhri Goli" and "Miss Call"] :D

"Fully Airconditioned" was a bus with no glass windows. And "pilot seat"...well, you all know ;)

Reminds of this photo that I took on my way from Hyderabad to Karachi :D

Cheerio folks =)



lol u actually remember all of these :P hahaha

u know wat there is this guy who has compiled a book on these shairs(i mean whatever is written behind trucks, buses and rickshaws) will try to get one :D

~Acro: Oh really? I so much want to read it :D Must be so much fun :)

yea will try to get hands on it :D

and send me this book (and some other good books too + chockies) 3 days before your birthday ;)

free hogayeen and wats with 3 days before my bday??

~Acro: Lol, no..Just got some *extra* work to do!! :(
And don't tell me you don't know what is 3 days before your birthday! :'( *makes me cry* :(

Anonymous says:

"Mast Nigahon ko Salam"

Waah waah .. vans and rickshaws are ultimate fun =D

acro: one for me too =))

Add some if you know :)

Pappu Yar Tang Na Kar!!!

aur kuch ye bhi :p

ay adhmi haram khana chor dey
tyre mehngay hain race lagana chor dey

kabhee side say aatee ho kabhee peechay say aatee ho
meree jaan horn day day kar mujhay tum kyon satateey ho

sajan koi koi, dushman her koi!

Afridi Tayyara

mera sheher, Mansehra

kabhi to aao na Sargodha, surmaa laga kai

Quaid-e-Azam nay farmaya
tu chal, main aayaa

~Harris: Read Rickshaw blog? :P

Anonymous says:

"Jinay Maa Nu Sataya...unay Sari Umer Rikshaw he chalaya" <<< Now my Mom would like THAT! :D

Anonymous says:

کیوں کھڑا ھے پریشان
فالودہ پی میری جان

Good one :)

~ShySoul: Lol...There are worse comments than this one ;)

~Jawwad: Welcome to my blog :) And thanks for liking it :D

Anonymous says:

Miscall :D

now thats an original one!

~Ammar: Oh yeah, and just today I saw "surma laga ke" :D
people are crazyyyy... I mean, rickshaw walas are crazy

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