Load shedding

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, April 19, 2007 in
Load shedding, a very common activity in Pakistan, is making a common man's life miserable these days. In the sultry, debilitating heat of high summer, these KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) people are earning everybody's wrath. Daily we endure 2-3 hours of load shedding, especially at the time when a person is looking for some rest in such an exhausting weather. And last night was one of the worst nights. We faced a power failure at 10 pm and it returned at 11:15 pm. I don't exactly remember at what time exactly the power would disappear and return, but what I think and what my parents told me this morning was that from 10 pm to 6 am, we were privileged to have power for just an hour (cumulatively)!!!! This was so unbearable.

That day, my Nani told me that one of our cousins called the KESC helpline to inquire about the problem behind intermittent power failures, and he was answered:

جناب جب بھی قرعہ اندازی ھوتی ھے، ھمیشہ آپ کے علاقے کا نام نکلتا ھے، اس لئے ھمیں مجبوراً بجلی بند کرنی پڑتی ھے

Means, you have to endure this heat this year and all the years to come.




Apki to phir kura andazi hoti hai, idher to dushmani rakhi howi hai wapda walon ne, but sirf adhay ghantay ki....

oh, life is so difficult these days... everytime ur about to either do or r doing, something important, therez a stoopid power failure....

n we're supposed to believe that life is beautiful :-(

a draw for load shedding :O??? sheesh

Anonymous says:

Hi, Hopped in here via Teeth Maestro’s blog. Load shedding definitely is a big problem these days. Today the government has announced certain “load management” measures including two holidays in a week and closing of all businesses by 8 PM but I doubt that it is going to help. We need to build more dams to generate more electricity. I especially hate it when I am writing something and light goes out and I lose some of my work. Even though I don’t write anything of significance but still I hate to type it again :)

Anonymous says:

mano ya na mano ... kesc walon ka sense of humor ghazab ka hay :-D

mera comment hi post nahi hota :(

Anonymous says:

Those KESC People are Jerks. Aaj toh hadh hi hogaya.

Once when called them, they replied: "Light nahi hai toh kia huwa, moambati toh hai naa usko jalao aur so jao" I mean wtf!

Anonymous says:

aaawwww poor ya
should i send some of da saardi frm ma side....cuz i miss summer :(

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