Winter, I miss you!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, November 10, 2006 in
It's almost mid november and no sign of winters!!! It's true, people are feeling cold these days, but that's because of fever, not winter. Although I like summers more than winters ( the sun AND the wind), but this time of the year I am waiting for chilly days. I am waiting to curl up in bed and sleep for a day or two! I'm so sleep-deprived these days, and I just can't wait for winter nights to spend in my comfy blanky.




shariq says:

i really hate winters; here in chicago its like 8 months of winters so i have had enough of it but do keep up with ur sleeping assignment its pretty tough got to work hard on it. Then again u can say if someone asks u
"aaj kal kya kar rahae ho?"
u can say
"aaram kar rahae hoon, aur jab aaram karte karte thak jaate hoon toh soo jati hoon" ;-p

Lol! I'm just praying I get time to sleep in winter ( no sign of winters yet!!) :(

Why don't we have snowfall here in Karachi? :$

yea winter wanted :(.

snowfall too.

Umuj says:

O' Winter, where art thou?

yaaa, its so true, its been a long summer i must say, cuz the fall season has been a tuff one this time around, not only for the fact that its been too hot here in Karachi, but also, that ive lost a huge amount of hair ;) hehe, j/k

hopefully, winters wud come soon, and then we might be praying for summers instead...
funny creature, the human being, never satisfied with what they already have....

Not that it matters to u, Dinkum!!! :P

Have a great winter!!!

~Acro: Al Ain kay winters to aap se darr ker bhaag gai hounge ;)
*Acro throws snow balls are tiny kids, so no snowfall this year* :P

~Umuj: Lol. I hope spring brings you a nice growth of hair. Are you in your 30s? People usually lose hair in that age, unless they get bald themself. ;) j/k
Yeah, I pray for summers in winters. I like the wind and the sun and the rain. It doesn't rain in winters na :(

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